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Active Leadership Inspires Change

Active Leadership Inspires Change

There are moments in life when we are given the opportunity to put words into action, walk the talk and put one’s money where one’s mouth is... and just do it! Such a moment avails itself annually to a group of people, Climate Riders, who feel inspired to invest in themselves for the good of the world by Pedaling for the Planet.

The reasons to participate in one of the most unique charity events in life reflects the driving force of those of us who believe we can inspire change through leading by example.

Commitment to a Cause: WE show up to stand up for what we believe in and by doing so WE invest our time, energy and resources in this endeavor.

Raising Awareness on Sustainability and Climate Change: WE speak up on real issues that impact our families, communities and our environment across the globe.

Role Models for Next Generation: WE have experienced it, that the best way to influence, make an impression on our kids is to act on what we share with them in words. Nothing replaces leading by example and for them to see us do the work, put out the effort and persevere.

Paying it Forward: WE realize that investing in the present moment, in programs and initiatives created to benefit generations to come is truly worth it. The impact to create joy through preserving and protecting people and planet is what we refer to as Priceless.

Business as a Force for Good: WE know that business has the potential to provide solutions to the social and environmental challenges we face today. That it is the responsibility of business not to simply be accountable to shareholders but stakeholders too. We reflect mission driven businesses supporting Climate Ride that are giving back to people and planet and uphold to triple bottom line.

Living on the Edge: WE believe that to push one’s physical and mental limits is to see breakthroughs in everyday activities. This potential is experienced when one takes on a challenge that is unfamiliar and uncomfortable but doable. Through focus attention, grit and strength of body and mind, the results are phenomenal.

Celebrating our Blessings in Life: WE give thanks to the Beauty of Mother Nature and her many gifts to mankind – water, air, heat, vegetation - all that sustains Life on Earth. It is here on adventures like Climate Ride that we have moments away from our busy lives to connect with the natural world, to witness the colors, smells and designs that surround us, ignite our senses and celebrate together with other fellow Beings the true joys of being ACTIVE and ALIVE!

WE welcome you to join us on this incredible journey to discover our collective contribution to combat climate change through Climate Ride.


Shamini Dhana is founder and CEO of Dhana, Inc., a Certified B Corporationand ethical fashion brand committed to connecting people and our planet through the medium of fashion. Shamini is a leader in sustainable apparel, and Dhana, Inc. adopts fair trade, ethical, and sustainable principles throughout its supply chain. She brings to the eco-fashion world over 20 years of corporate executive experience, and is a Climate Ride Ambassador and an Associate Producer of The True Cost movie.

Photo credit: Climate Ride and B Lab

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