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Feminism, Media, and Your Career: A Twitter Chat with Jules Abraham of BUST Magazine

Feminism, Media, and Your Career: A Twitter Chat with Jules Abraham of BUST Magazine

This week, we had the honor of chatting with Jules Abraham, Event Producer for BUST Magazine, an indie feminist media brand in print since 1993. BUST’s signature event is the award winning BUST Craftacular, a series of shopping events highlighting women owned small businesses. 

We chatted about feminism, media, careers, feminist men, and more:

Happy #WomensHistoryMonth! What are you doing to celebrate? BUST is BUSY! Our BUST Craftacular Primped is in April: a day of self-care and promotion of small (women-owned!) businesses.

Did you do anything to acknowledge #InternationalWomensDay last week? We all participated in #daywithoutwoman - covering rallies and support for #womensmarch organizers at the 7th precinct.

Why is #WomensHistoryMonth important? The reason BUST exists - to get visibility for the work, triumphs, and STRUGGLE of women.

Do you identify as a feminist? Why or why not? YES, 100% I am a #feminist and have been ever since realizing the women in my life have a built-in disadvantage.

Why is it important to include men on the feminism conversation? Men are as much human as we are, and they suffer greatly under patriarchy as well - see bell hooks, men and love

What do you think are some of the most common misconceptions about #feminism? Commoditized feminism is a huge issue as well as that feminists do not support a better world for men too.

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What can we do to make sure that feminism is truly inclusive? What role does the media play in this? We all have to do the work of listening, being uncomfortable, and using both to make real solutions that consider everyone's welfare.

What was a belief you once held that you learned was misogynistic and changed? So many - a big deal for me was getting past feeling I hadn't the "right" to speak in traditionally male-dominated spaces.

Why is there such a backlash against feminism? I think it comes down to those benefiting from the system not wanting to give it up.

Do you think it's a communication or generational issue when it comes to embracing feminism? And why? Communication. Movement needs a unified message that many groups can run with independently, not vice versa & communication must lead to ACTION!

Tell us about BUST Magazine. What do you do there? We have been fierce, funny and proud to be female since 1993, woman-owned media - I produce events for BUST.

Tell us about the BUST #Craftacular. #BUSTcraftacular is our beloved indie craft fair and a place where artists and makers can grow & thrive.

How has networking helped you in your career? Networking has brought me my career defining jobs - my daily mentors & champions - it’s the most effective tool.

What’s your favorite example of women helping women in the work that you do? I love the events team we built at BUST everyone knows each other's strengths and events are like quests we play together

How does the work you do contribute to supporting women? I love to watch women move from a job they hated into owning a thriving business built on their creativity & ingenuity.

What has been your biggest career challenge to date? I was in Advertising before and closed many deals- it's a 180 to get brands invested in women's media that is really run by women.

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Was there a difference when women run the company? I feel SOME buyers have assumptions of what competent biz leaders look like, and strong/brilliant women is not it. Working with women means leaving some unconscious stopgaps at the door - you assume you are respected rather than not.

How do you stay resilient when things get tough? look at myself through the lens of the people that need me - I push out all the negativity and be the superwoman they (and I) need.

What advice would you give your 20 year-old self? The time for doubt is AFTER you've taken the leap! Doubt all you want after you've already done it, took so long to learn.

Do you have a #FemaleRoleModel? Why are they important? I have many. I think each of us has a little something we can all benefit from learning.

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