Today is the last day of March, and we’re finalizing Women’s History Month with a bang.

This month we decided to take back that nasty little F-word that makes people nervous. The new F-word that has gotten a bad reputation. Yes, we’re talking about Feminism.

Feminism - noun feminism \ˈfe-mə-ˌni-zəm\

: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes

: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

We heard from many of you on how you  #TakeBackFeminism. Thanks to everyone who shared on social media, through articles, webinars, and to those who joined us, in person or online, for our Take Back Feminism event in NYC. It was a massive success, with 160 people in attendance and more than 7,000 views online. 

"In my 20s, I didn’t want to be a “feminist,” mostly because my mom had been (and I was still rebelling against her) and because there were plenty of women in my workplace. So it seemed to me that the feminist fight was over. In my 30s, I went into a fugue state of trying to get ahead, trying to keep up with my young kids, trying to be at least a passably ok wife. Then in my 40s, when things settled down, I looked around…and there weren’t that many women there at work with me. Our progress had stalled. And it had stalled despite all the research on how we women make companies better. And so then I became a feminist. With a capital F." --- Sallie Krawcheck

Here are things we learned this month:

Embracing being a feminist, even when you’re part of the newer generations, may not be easy. 

But once you understand that the things you already hold true are feminism, you can get behind it. [ My Path to Understanding — and Owning — my Feminism]


We need to be financial feminists.

Fearless Girl showed up to remind us to stand our ground, but women will not be fully equal with men until we are financially equal with men. [ Why #FearlessGirl Will Have to Grow Up to be a #FinancialFeminist]

Women will not be fully equal with men until we are financially equal with men.
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If you're comfortable, you're not doing it right.

As Jules Abraham of Bust Magazine so eloquently put it: “We all have to do the work of listening, being uncomfortable, and using both to make real solutions that consider everyone's welfare.” [Feminism, Media, and Your Career: A Twitter Chat with Jules Abraham of BUST Magazine]

Find and cultivate your allies.

We can find many opportunities to talk about feminism and cultivate new allies, it’s up to us to use our voice to fight for equality. [Dating While Feminist: Finding and Cultivating Allies]

"It’s up to us to use our voice to fight for equality."
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Challenge the status quo.

We learned the long history of telling women what to do and how to act. And why we need to redefine what the issues are and look for new solutions. [Jam Session: Taking Back What it Means to be a Feminist with Jilly Badanes, founder of Milk]

Be inclusive. 

We need mentors and “femtors.” We need to meet people where they are if we want them to understand us. We need to have courageous conversations and get uncomfortable. We need to rally the troops and include all voices. [Take Back Feminism Event Recap]

We need to have courageous conversations and get uncomfortable.
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And we got tons of inspiration from revolutionary women, famous feminists and powerful feminist icons.