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S#!t People Don't Say About Crying at Work

S#!t People Don't Say About Crying at Work

Tuesday night's Young Professionals S#!t People Don't Say About Crying at Work event, as you can imagine, did not disappoint. S#!t People Don't Say?? Yes, you heard right. It's part of our new Young Professionals "Feeling Inspired" series where we tackle provocative career topics with fellow Ellevate young professionals. The premise is simple. When we go deep, when we go personal, we make more meaningful connections. Sounds good right? Join us next time!

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So where was I... oh yeah, crying at work. Have you done it?? I have... And by the way, so had EVERYONE ELSE at last night's event. What!? But interestingly enough, not many of us had seen someone else do it. In line with much of the CEO guidance in this Huffington Post read most of us did it in private.

While we didn't cure the common cold, we did have one major breakthrough (obvi, would you expect any less?? We put a bunch of bad a$$ girl bosses in a room...) We have all heard time and time again that a male manager's biggest fear is that their female employee will cry when getting a tough performance review. So we know that's a big no, no. But let's flip the script... would you be more uncomfortable with a crying employee or a screaming/wall punching employee? Women and men handle frustration differently. And it seemed with our sample that women feel more comfortable with stereotypical-female emoting than stereotypical-male emoting. That is NOT to say that women don't get angry. But we realized that there may be two sides to this dilemma and across the board we could draw the same conclusion that coming across as "not in control of your emotions" may not the best outcome to a professional confrontation, although whether the office is more male or female dominated may impact which one is seen as acceptable-in-moderation and which one is a career-killer.

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Wish you were there? I know. We want to get to know you too! So join us next time for Girl Boss Boot Camp: Find Meaning at Work with executive coach Jenny Maenpaa


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