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The Professional Woman's Strategy for Getting What She Wants in Life and Business

The Professional Woman's Strategy for Getting What She Wants in Life and Business

Couture confidence: the engine that powers not only who you are but everything that you do in the workplace and in the marketplace.

Oprah once said, “you are where you are in life because of what you believe is possible for yourself.” Throughout my years of coaching and consulting with ambitious professional and entrepreneurial women, one common theme  was this: the higher the woman’s belief in her ability to produce what she wanted to achieve, the more heightened the intensity of her confidence.

When you are preparing and positioning yourself to go for big opportunities or take risks outside of your comfort zone, you need couture confidence. Couture confidence is not just something you have; it is a strategy that you employ any time you need an intense level of confidence to get what it is that you want.

There are six distinctive steps that you must take in order to have couture confidence and produce the high-value results you need.

Step One: Validate Your Own Vision

One of the biggest areas that keeps many professional women from conquering their big dreams and goals is waiting to be told by someone they admire that their idea or their vision is amazing and good enough to move forward with. Do not wait to be discovered or validated by others. To capitalize and take advantage of significant opportunities, you must give yourself permission to identify and stand firmly behind what it is that you really want to accomplish. 

Step Two: Audit Your Emotional Property

How many times throughout the course of your life have other people's labels and judgments of you, your ideas, or your work affected you and kept you (even temporarily) from moving forward with a vision or idea you’ve had? If that answer is at least once, it is essential that you rid yourself of those labels that hinder you. When you audit your emotional property, you essentially want to assess the aspects of your emotional and spiritual well-being that need to be fine-tuned so that you can reclaim your power and move forward boldly, courageously, and profitably.

Step Three: Decipher Your Mission

There is something that you were distinctly designed and created to do, not only in your career or professional life, but in this world. You may hear this referred to as your purpose, your mission, your higher calling, or all of the above. When there is resistance to executing what you feel you are called to do, it is essential that you identify what you believe your higher calling to be, and assess its significance to everything around you.

When you connect with your mission, everything around you will begin to make sense. You may notice that you are in a career path that doesn’t align with your purpose, you may notice you are in relationships that are toxic or not bearing fruit, or you may recognize that there is far more inside of you than what you are currently displaying. Whatever it is, take the time to decipher your mission so you can be confident that you are moving in the right direction for yourself.

Step Four: Turn Your Purpose into Profits

Once you feel confident that you have connected with your higher calling, explore all of the ways that you can elegantly and comfortably use your mission to create potential purpose-profit centers that allow you to make not only a significant impact, but also a profitable mission-led enterprise. From your list, identify and claim what you will choose to first laser focus on executing with precision. At this step, you will develop or refine your intellectual property and create your programming or services.

For the professional woman on a career path, developing your intellectual property could be creating systems or guides based on your expertise in your industry, the leadership role that you’d like to transition into, or the speaking platform you’d like to build. Similar to the woman on her entrepreneurial path, this step is focused on finding opportunities (whether in business or in career) where you can align your expertise, mission and purpose with the work that you get paid to do. 

Step Five: Master Your Marketplace

For purposes of simplicity, when I reference marketplace it is inclusive of the workplace as well. In order for people to find you, pay you lucratively for the value that you bring, and consume your intellectual property, your expertise must be consistently and strategically visible, and you must showcase yourself as an authority in your marketplace.

There are 4 decisions that you need to make to properly master your marketplace.

  1. Determine your expertise
  2. Identify the gap that your higher calling fills in the marketplace
  3. Select the niche that you will be influential in
  4. Position yourself as a subject matter expert

Step Six: Assemble Your High-Class Network

High-class simply means that you are intentionally committed to prioritizing the quality and caliber of your inner and outer circles and networks. In this step, your focus is to first create and assemble your marketplace inner circle. In order to scale your authoritative profile, you must be connected to circles of accountability. Assemble a team of experts and leaders who are committed to holding you to more than just the standards you have set for yourself, pushing you to accomplish and successfully implement multiple purpose-profit centers in your life.

You recognize the need for a high level of confidence. You have big, gorgeous dreams and goals that you want to bring to fruition. Having couture confidence will catapult the success that you see in your life, your business, your relationships, your bank account, and your spirit so that your dream becomes your reality.


Keisha P. Shields is the Founder of the Institute for Women Who Lead, where she works deeply with her +ONEs to help them leverage their gifted and unique brains to go for those huge game-changing opportunities they’ve really been wanting to pursue, both on and off the stage. With over a decade of experience, Keisha is a powerhouse speaker, good girl expert, and the foremost authority on couture confidence. Keisha has expertise and insight into how stigmas & stereotypes can keep high-achieving women leaders (career girls, entrepreneurs, and those in the C-Suite) from believing bigger and truly becoming who they were created to become in this lifetime. 

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