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How to Snap Out of it When You’re in a Funk

How to Snap Out of it When You’re in a Funk

Do you have days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed?

Getting into a funk can happen to anyone. Even when our lives are going well, there’s nothing wrong with it — we can still fall into one. I have a business that makes me excited, a husband who loves and cares about me, friends and families who are supportive... but I still have those days.

Usually when we fall into the funky mood, we think about why we shouldn’t be feeling that way. I fall into this cycle of beating myself up — not only did I wake up in a funk, now my mind keeps saying I shouldn’t be there, and I’m pissed that I can’t snap myself out of it. That’s the beginning of the downward spiral that leads us to feeling stuck and depressed.

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I’m still confused about why I woke up feeling that way. Trying to figure out the "why" is exactly what gets us stuck in the funk. I may never know the why, but I have a few ways to snap out of it.

1. Blast a playlist that drowns out the voice in your head

Before getting sucked into the downward spiral, do whatever it takes to drown out the voice in your head. Blasting my favorite playlist works like magic. The songs drown out the voice because now those songs are stuck in my head. It’s a quick fix to just stop the spiral, and give you a moment to let the frustration pass.

Another benefit to playing music you love is that it lifts your spirit. When you start singing and dancing along, you may not even remember what the funk feels like.

2. Get out of the house

Go for a walk, do your errands, go to the gym — it doesn’t matter, just get out! A change of scenery and a breath of fresh air forces you to stop thinking for a moment. You can take advantage of that moment of awareness to see the world with a different view. Even if you are working in an office, take a walk and go grab coffee. This is why people still go to Starbucks even though there’s free coffee in the office.

The added benefit to getting out of the house is movement. Moving your body and interacting with your surroundings forces your mind to respond. It’s like shaking yourself to give your mind a shock - wake up from the funk!

3. Be nice to yourself

After the frustration has passed, you may calm down to a ho-hum mood. Feelings and emotions exist for a reason — we are supposed to feel them. We may be tempted to judge the feelings and emotions, but that’s just beating ourselves up while we already feel beaten down. Allow yourself to feel. Whatever it is that you are feeling, let yourself curl up on the couch to feel it.

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A lot of times we don’t want to be in this place. The fear is that you’ll never get out if you allow yourself to curl up in a ball. Trust me, I’ve been there. There will come a time, when the feelings have passed through your body, you’ll say: “I’ve had enough, let’s move on.” It may involve some crying, sobbing, or even screaming at the wall, but it will all pass.

4. Get some love

Get some hugs from a person or an animal. Hugs instantly boost your oxytocin and make you feel better. If no one is giving you a hug, ask for it. Yes, you can ask for hugs!

A funky mood can be an indication of a lack of self love, and hugs happen to be an act of love so it can be an instant cure. It’s normal to expect other people to see that you’re in a bad mood, and they should know to give you a hug. The good ole saying of “I shouldn’t have to ask for it” often stops us from asking for what we need at the moment. In this case, the asking is your act of self love — if you love yourself enough, put down your ego and ask for a hug.

5. Talk to a friend

I do this to out myself, to get real so I can’t hide behind this funky feeling. Reach out to a friend however way you can, text her, call her, show up at her door.

Be selective about who you reach out to, depending on what you need at the moment. There are friends who are pity buddies and will roll around in the funk with you. There are friends who would give you tough love and tell you to get over it. There are friends who would give you virtual hugs and love you. And there are friends who just sit there and hold space for you. All of them are great friends, and you may need them at different times. Your intuition is usually good at picking the right one to reach out to at the right time.

These are the quick fixes for those occasional funky days when I can’t get out of bed. If your funky days happens on a regular basis, then it’s time for some reflection because it’s telling you that something isn’t right in your life. Maybe it’s a job, maybe it’s a relationship, or maybe it’s a longing to do something else. A quick fix isn’t going to cut it — it’s time to take actions and make a real change. 


Mandy Ho is a Passion Coach, helping frustrated professionals learn that success and meaning can happen at the same time. Through online courses, workshops, private coaching, and group coaching, Mandy empowers you to focus on your meaningful work without losing your sense of balance.

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