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Quotes about Cultivating your Inner Self from Female Role Models

Quotes about Cultivating your Inner Self from Female Role Models

"Be committed everyday to think of yourself or do something that uplifts you or inspires you and pick one thing that makes you better. Be flexible on what it is." ― Whitney Johnson

"When things get difficult, it's gonna be that passion that keeps you going. You have to persevere every day. Every day there is a reason to quit. And I experience this still." ― Jennifer Gefsky

"I realized that I had learned so much. I think staying in gratitude and not getting angry is a huge key." ― Ariel Hyatt 

"We should all be celebrated for the strengths we bring to the table, whatever they are." ― Tami Reiss

"Advice about speaking up: Be prepared, know your subject, know what you want to accomplish, and don’t take anything personal." ― Nellie Borrero

"Because as mentors, as sponsors of young women, as leaders in organizations, we can encourage women to build their personal brand and to build their connections." ― Janet Balis

"Be ambitious in the face of injustice and be kind to yourself." ― Emilie Aries

"You want to be expressing your personality through your words and through your actions."  ― Deepali Vyas

 "There's so much value, purpose, and worth in whatever you choose to do." ― Jennifer Gefsky

"At the crossroad, where do you turn to? Listen to your inner - self, it will point the right road for you to follow." ― Lailah Gifty Akita

"I'm gonna go for the C-level, and I need to get this experience in the middle of nowhere or out in the field in an emerging market. And I'm going to uproot my whole family and it's going to be worth it." ― Caroline Ceniza - Levine

"If you continue to move closer to the life you want, then you will eventually reach a place where it mostly looks like the life you want." ― Laura Vanderkam


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