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Quotes about Women Mobilizing Their Power

Quotes about Women Mobilizing Their Power

“If you cannot see yourself fairly or accurately represented in the community where you live.. and nothing there makes you feel awake or alive, I suggest you start doing some research on some other communities.”― Kelly Cutrone

“Try the following: say no to everything that does not provide something crucial in return—so no more 'shoulds,' only 'musts' and 'wants' (and sometimes even 'wants' need to be cut back).”― Jessica Bennett

“There is no happiness without hard work.”― Joanne Lipman

“If you are not putting yourself out there to fail, you’re reducing your chances of being successful.” — Stephanie Lampkin

“I work everyday as if my children are watching me, because they are.” — Sallie Krawcheck

“When you're following your inner voice, doors tend to eventually open for you, even if they mostly slam at first.” ― Kelly Cutrone

“The attendees at the United State of Women Summit last year made it clear that they wanted to keep learning, connecting and advocating beyond that room – they wanted to do it in their own communities.”― Jordan Brooks

“Writing down your successes is another method—so you can look back on them every time you feel a hint of self-doubt coming.”― Jessica Bennett

“By providing women a platform to share their voices, we are encouraging authenticity and ultimately democratizing media for women worldwide.”― Tiffany Pham

“You become the company you keep, so choose the relationships you want to nature wisely.”― Claudia Chan


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