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New for Members: Ellevate Conversations

New for Members: Ellevate Conversations

At Ellevate, we're committed helping you grow your network. Whether you’re looking for a new job or new clients, searching for support through periods of transition and uncertainty, or just seeking inspiration from other women's stories - success often comes down to who you know.

It's about time we made starting those conversations a bit easier. I'm excited to announce Conversations, a new way to communicate with other Ellevate members online. Starting now, Ellevate Achievers, Entrepreneurs, and Executive Council members can seamlessly send and receive messages, all within the Ellevate Network platform.

What's special about Conversations?

No friending or following required.
Ellevate is a special kind of community - each of us is here not because we have to be, but because we're interested in supporting other women. When you start a conversation with another Ellevate member, there’s a like-minded understanding, a camaraderie (dare I say - a sisterhood?) that makes it different. We’re ambitious, we’re action oriented, and we’ve pledged to help women up the ladder.

Connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime. As they say - you can't be what you can't see. Conversations allows you to connect with professional women around the world, to hear their stories, and to put yourself in their shoes. When you’re looking for that specific opportunity - a connection at your dream company in your city - or just want to meet other working moms or women of color in your industry - it’s easier than ever to make the right connections.

Networking events are filled with familiar faces. Conversations makes it easy to find out who's going to Ellevate events, plan who you want to meet, and say hello in advance; no need to show up alone and work a room of strangers if that’s not your thing. Plus, forget awkwardly asking for an email address or Googling the names of women you've met - just check who went to the event and send a follow-up message with a single click.

Make the most of your time online. Who hasn't half-watched a webinar while you ate lunch, or skimmed an article on the bus? That time now does double-duty: Jam Sessions are an opportunity to talk to other women interested in the same topic; articles are an opportunity to to reach out to the author with a question or a thank you. The 30 seconds it takes to dash off a quick note is how relationships are founded, how networks are built, and how you’ll meet the woman who will open the door to your next opportunity.

So reach out - start a conversation with someone from a similar career path, or someone totally different. Ask that question you’ve been trying to figure out on your own or get advice on the situation you’ve been putting off. Have a courageous conversation.


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Angel Santos

Great feature! Thanks!

June 20, 2017

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