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7 Amazing Working Mom Hacks

7 Amazing Working Mom Hacks

We all know that mothering is a (much more than) full-time job. This means all you working moms are basically superheroes. You may not feel like you have your sh*t together, but you’re pulling off waaay more than a lot of humans can manage.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, we spoke to our friend Shaunda Zilich, global employment brand leader at GE. She’s shared some amazing hacks that we hope will make your life feel a little bit less like a circus:

1. Alexa is my ultimate for [when I’m] in the midst of a moment I need to remember to do something or put something on my shopping list (or play the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood theme song so the 2 year old will calm down!).

2. Kroger Click List is for groceries and is awesome! I start my cart on Tuesday or Wednesday (hello, Alexa shopping list…oh, and I open an Amazon cart at the same time for “others, pantry,” etc.) and I always pick up on Friday morning. Grocery shopping literally takes me just 15 minutes a week now!

3. Give 2 year olds two choices on what to wear … it will save you tons of time and fighting, and they will feel independent (make sure you are cool with either choice).

4. Spelling words and memorization homework can be done in the car ride home from school IF you give the other children something to eat (so they are busy eating and not talking).

P.S. Always have a bag of healthy snacks in your purse… ALWAYS!

5. BE PRESENT — my all-time favorite right now. At the end of so many days of feeling not good enough at being a mom, a wife, [or] an employee, I’ve found one thing that makes it a little better and makes me feel I’m good enough: Being present in every moment!

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Multitasking is for the birds. Instead, take each moment to be fully present. I understand there are interruptions, [but] don’t multitask the interruption … own it! For example, when I’m leaving work early because I know my son has to be at soccer practice at 5:30 and it takes the 9 year old 30 minutes to put on his socks, I tell people, “I’m leaving to get my son to soccer on time.” We have to stop making excuses!

[I do the] same thing when I have a 9 pm call for work. I will be sure to get my kiddos in bed early enough to not rush the awesomeness of bedtime, but I will tell them I need to finish up so I can get to my call for work at the right time.

Own each moment and be present in each moment. We have to stop making excuses and start realizing that we can talk about the things that are important to us. Then is when we feel “good enough” … we reach our definition of success.

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6. Stop trying to be your mom… or your friend who is super-mom. Most of our moms didn’t work and we still try to emulate them and get so down on ourselves when we don’t. Be the best working mom you can be, and stop comparing apples to oranges.

I know that I don’t have each day planned out for my 2 year old like my mom did when I was 2, or like my friend does who doesn’t work, but I do know that I make the most of the time I do have with my 2 year old (see “be present” above!) and I know that my daughter sees me working and gains all kind of understanding on how to be strong and independent.

7. And below is my ultimate fave: the color-coded “reminder board” as we walk out our backdoor. Cue spelling list for car (I take a pic with my phone)…Cue lunch menus (to get the 2 year old to maybe eat what they are serving)…Cue “Mother’s Day” (to remind my husband without verbalizing it to him!)

We were such fans of Shaunda’s tips that we had to share. We hope these hacks help you enjoy not only your Mother’s Day, but every jam-packed moment of working-mom life!

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