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Quotes about Owning your Power and Driving Change

Quotes about Owning your Power and Driving Change

“There's always the next goal, and you don't always get the opportunity to step back from it. It's really important to step back both from a business and personal standpoint to get that additional perspective you need to be refreshed.” ― Gigi Lee Chang

“As long as we trust that we are working towards the same goals, and that those who differ from us do bring valuable skills to the table that complement our own, we can work effectively.” ― Candice Morgan 

Accepting yourself at whatever shape nature has made you is the path to internal peace.” ― Erika Ervin

“More women in management positions evaluating and promoting women more fairly means more gender diversity throughout the ranks.” ― Romy Newman

”The first step to gender equity is eliminating qualifiers so women aren’t seen as a subset or a rare, unique occurrence when it comes to business or entrepreneurship.” ―  Alexandra Friedman

The community you surround yourself with is key, and the education, support, and insights you gain from this community help you grow as a professional. ― Kristy Wallace

“Sometimes a little encouragement is all it takes to help a friend or a colleague push through their own adversity and realize a vision that could better the world.” ― Colleen Rye

“Women, as a block, are powerful and have to assert our demographic power politically and economically.” ―  Amy cross

“We women have an enormous amount of financial and economic power, and those same changes are enabling us to use that power like never before.“ ― Sallie Krawcheck

“I just want to show the world and mainstream media, how talented, how innovative, how trailblazing Latinas really are. And, that their ideas have social impact.” ― Angelica Perez-Litwin


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