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#MobilizeWomen Recap: 3 Steps to Finding a Sponsor

#MobilizeWomen Recap: 3 Steps to Finding a Sponsor

#MobilizeWomen is a movement propelled by change makers in business to commit to taking action against gender inequality. Ellevate Network hosted a number of speakers in NYC on June 21st, 2017. This is a recap of part of the event, with the most relevant concepts you can use to take action in your everyday life. Download the Mobilize Women Action Guide here.

Emily Wakeling is the Executive Director of Global Membership and Emerging Markets for Catalyst, a non-profit organization with the mission of accelerating progress for women in the workplace through inclusion. During the Summit, Emily gave an action speech in which she dove into the importance of understanding and defining our many strategic relationships and why sponsorship plays a major key into helping women advance in their careers.

Sponsorship is the key to career advancement.”―Emily Wakeling

“A coach talks to you, a mentor talks with you, but a sponsor talks about you,” she began. Emily then went on to say that “Mentorship is critical for career development, but its gonna be your sponsor that is placing you in the hot job, putting you up for promotion, making sure you succeed in those roles.”

In her action speech, Emily revealed the 3 ways to attract a sponsor:

#1. Be Seen:

Emily explained that in order to be noticed, you have to make sure you’re being seen. "Make yourself and your work visible," she said. "You don't need to stand on a soap box and proclaim how amazing you are. There are little things like forwarding a thank you email to senior leaders of a good job that you've done. And you can't just do it once. You have to repeatedly do it."

#2. Take Risks

Emily shared a study that revealed men are more willing to take risks than women are. "You don't need to satisfy all criteria for a new opportunity," she told us. “Stretch yourself and give yourself room to grow” so that you can advance in your career.

#3. Ask for What You Want

Women need to speak up for what they want. "Nobody can read your mind,” Emily reminded us, “You need to be talking with your manager on a regular basis about what are the things and experiences and opportunities that you really wanna have."

Studies show that the “right steps” women must take to advance their careers include networking with people of influence and getting credit for their work. Seek out that senior level sponsor, ask for what you want, and make your accomplishments known. 

Now is the best time to invest in yourself. Join the community that is committed to your success, and has your back no matter what. We’ll see you at an upcoming event!


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