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#MobilizeWomen Recap: Owning Your Superpower

#MobilizeWomen Recap: Owning Your Superpower

#MobilizeWomen is a movement propelled by change makers in business to commit to taking action against gender inequality. Ellevate Network hosted a number of speakers in NYC on June 21st, 2017. This is a recap of part of the event, with the most relevant concepts you can use to take action in your everyday life. Download the Mobilize Women Action Guide here.

We were extremely honored to host Model and Actress Erika Ervin (Amazon Eve) at the Summit and to hear her speak about the struggles she’s faced and how she overcame them. At Ellevate Network, diversity is one of our core values, and we believe all voices matter. We were very proud to have Erika represent the community of transgender women and provide us with her perspective.

Her story began as a fearful, lonely journey, but turned into an inspiring tale. “I don’t think I’m a hero for being transgender,” she said. “ It’s just at thing you do; it’s been part of the human species for time immortal.”

Her network of women, she told us, gave her the courage to stop hiding and start owning her superpower.

  • “Hiding yourself doesn’t help anybody. Living in stealth doesn’t help anybody. It doesn’t educate anybody. ”
  • “What we have to realize is, our sisters — our network, women in this room — create a nuclear fusion of action that moves, touches, and inspires other people to do exactly that: to raise the divine feminine.”
  • “Sometimes courage isn’t enough. Sometimes we need our mentors.”

After transitioning at 36, Erika did not lose momentum. She worked at a law firm and lobbied on Washington to remove the exclusion insurance policies had on transgender people, creating section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re round, rubenesque, skinny. It doesn’t matter. This life is a gift.” - Erika Ervin

Though so much has changed since her transition, there is still so much to be done. Below are some resources to help transgender people own their superpowers.

  • Trans Lifeline (877-565-8860): Trans Lifeline is a support hotline by transgender people for transgender people.
  • Trans Youth Equality Foundation: This nonprofit provides education, advocacy, and support for transgender, gender nonconforming, and intersex youth (ages 2-18) and their families.
  • Sylvia Rivera Law Project: Provides legal help for low income transgender people and transgender people of color

“Don’t be afraid to be a mentee,” Erika told us. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s all it takes. Just ask for help.”

Now is the best time to invest in yourself. Join the community that is committed to your success, and has your back no matter what. We’ll see you at an upcoming event!