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Your Squad: Testimonials

Your Squad: Testimonials

Why join an Ellevate Squad? We can write a lot about that, but let those who've already been through a cohort tell you directly:

“Connecting with women who both have insights and want to share them is always a net good. Even when a squad is different than what you expect, I think it ends up being valuable for everyone.”

“I would recommend joining a Squad to have a safe place for women to share their issues, goals, anxieties and knowing others are in the same position.” Sonia Moin, Program Manager

“As they say: you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with. It's a chance to build relationship with high-caliber women!”

“It's a wonderful opportunity to meet other women in a similar place in their careers and get unbiased and candid feedback on your current situation.”

“I think it's a fabulous concept that should be applied in more areas of life... connecting people based on common interests to broaden networks and increase opportunity.”

“Overall, I think the Squads are a great idea, and a fantastic way to network. For me, it's been a way to make my Ellevate chapter feel a little smaller -- which is great for someone who is still fairly new to Ellevate.”

“The support I have gained from my squad has been amazing. I also feel like my advice is going a long way with other ladies on my squad, which makes me feel great!”

“Connecting with other professional women is invaluable. We have really begun to form relationships that will be long lasting.” Diane Green, COO

Diversity of Thought

“Great insights from many different perspectives. It's really helping me to think outside of the box. Truly enjoy the time I spend with my squad!!” Cindy Swank, Senior Consultant

"I want to say how much I really enjoy being part of this objective group that can share ideas, fears, ambitions, etc without judgement. Having been with [my company] for 16 years, I have had a hard time figuring out how to get different perspectives on career and personal development without ‘groupthink’ or from mentors within the only culture I'm familiar with.”

“It's always nice to be part of a intelligent, supportive group of women and to hear different perspectives and "stories" about their personal/professional lives, how you can potentially help one another and how things "work" at different organizations.”

“I love that I get access to a group of smart, successful women in various parts of their careers, and their experiences / advice in a confidential space.”

“This has been a great way to feel a sense of belonging to a group of like-minded people - and to get stimulated with great feedback from people with different experiences from you.” - Sheena Abraham, Communications Director & Digital Storyteller

“Love getting insight from other professional women dealing with the same challenges. We've all been there but various viewpoints are extremely helpful!” Jeanette Margle

Resources and Accountability to Your Squad (+ yourself)

“My squad helped give me good advice on specific resources to use - including recommending organizations for skills-based volunteering. I signed up and got connected with a wonderful non-profit that I've been working with - it's been such a rewarding experience. The ladies in my squad were so supportive and encouraging and held me accountable for making productive changes personally and professionally.”

Investing in Yourself: It's a Habit

“Ellevate Squads have given me an opportunity to remove myself from my day to day and connect with other brilliant women on strategizing my career growth.”

“I’ve found this is a great way to have dedicated professional development and career planning time built into my busy schedule.” Danielle Trull, Finance Director


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