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Taylor Swift's Got One. Where's Yours?

Taylor Swift's Got One. Where's Yours?

A Girl Squad that is. In case you've been living under a rock, Taylor Swift has assembled quite an entourage of helpful girlfriends. The squad seems to keep growing, but it looks like 15 might be the latest count. The photo above shows how much a few of the squad members earned in 2014. "The more they hang out, ... the more lucrative the sisterhood - or Swifterhood, if you like - becomes," says the article.

There's a lesson in this for all of us. We all need one of these! It turns out that success is a team sport. Who knew? We've all been led to believe that success is a solo activity. But what if, just maybe, your challenges and defeats weren't caused by personal inadequacy, but the result of not having the right support in your life? In fact, it's really common to blame ourselves and think that it's a personal problem on our part if we can't be awesome all by ourselves. Just think about the ideal put forth in the image of the Lone Ranger.

But if you think about it, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. We all need at least a Tonto. Though, I'd suggest a group of four incredible women, counting yourself that is. Ones that you respect, admire. Ones who support who is it that you are becoming.

I've got my own Girl Squad, although we call ourselves The Coven. It took me years to realize that support from other women was an absolute must. I went solo for way too long, feeling isolated, not making much progress and blaming myself.

Some hints for who to put in your group... design it around who you are becoming. If you are becoming a writer, look for other writers to hang out with. If you are becoming an executive, where are your executive buds? Having people you need around you is a key piece of your environmental support.** Interestingly, our environment usually reflects who we either have been in the past or are currently, NOT who we are growing to be.

In a survey that I conducted of professional women ages 22 to 60+, I found that only 10% had a group of women that supported them regularly both professionally and emotionally. And, that this 10% were among the most professionally successful of those surveyed.

Don't do what I did and let years go by! Go out and get yourself your own Girl Squad, Ellevate Squad or even a Coven. Together we ARE better.


Joanne Vitali is a professional certified coach and workshop leader who specializes working with women with technical or multiple degrees - Geek Girls. Contact her to speak at your upcoming women's event (Lead Like a Goddess is her signature topic) or for a complimentary exploratory session.

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