There is no greater moment than now for us as women to step into our voices and the power we hold. We are business owners, mothers, executives, and leaders in our own right. We are redefining industries such as tech, media, education, entrepreneurship, and politics. 

Long gone are the days where we stand down and stifle our voices and passions in order to appease other people’s insecurities. Long gone are the days where we don’t have a voice or a platform to be heard. We are women from diverse cultures, religions, races and economic status, but we have one common thread among us — that we are dynamic forces who possess immeasurable qualities and talents that the world needs. 

In order to thrive, we have to first believe we are worthy of happiness, success and abundance. We have to disrupt the negative stigmas and self-talk we put on our own selves. We have to empower, uplift and encourage ourselves and then humanity in ways like never before. We have to know there is room and a need for our voices and our ideas across all arenas. 

Ladies, our time is now and playing it small does ourselves and the world a great disservice!