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The Painful but Rewarding Journey as an Entrepreneur

The Painful but Rewarding Journey as an Entrepreneur

Growing up in an immigrant low income home, I saw my mom work very hard, sometimes having up to 3 jobs. I also saw the pain she was in after late nights of working at her hair salon that she owned after years of saving. She never said anything, but I could tell from her face that all those hours of blow drying hair were painful. Fast forward to a woman that after all her hard work could barely close her hand. This is the sad reality of millions of working people who work through pain and end their careers in even worse shape. 

However, my mom’s story doesn’t end here. In fact, it’s just the beginning of my mission to help working people to prevent and manage their pain in a more natural and safer way.

I have been an inventor, a tinkerer, and an entrepreneur all of my life, and one of my biggest challenges was right in front of me to be solved. I was determined to help my mom recover her hand and arm mobility. This led to Workvie Work Pain Relief Therapy Cream. This cream is a natural alternative to dangerous pain killers that are destroying people’s lives through their addictive and dangerous overdoses. 

I knew that any product that I would market to people had to actually work. After all, it was my mom’s wellness that was on the line — the woman who took care of me, taught me that I could do anything, and who now needed me. My mom was the user #1 of the cream of after just a few days she was back to moving her hand and arm without pain. It was a moment of overwhelming joy.

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I am on a mission to help people with pain and to let them know that there is an alternative. That they don’t have to struggle with pain. I also realized that the earlier that people can start using the product, the better it would be for them in the long term. I see many young people working themselves into carpal tunnel, stiff necks, tendonitis, and many other conditions that could really hurt them.

I know that this is just the beginning of Workvie and my journey in this entrepreneurial venture. There are the challenges of distribution, incumbents that may just numb the pain, and the skeptics that won’t try, but will criticize. However, I am up for this “painful” entrepreneurial journey with a better product and a greater purpose.


Annabel Mendez is the founder of Workvie, a self-funded entrepreneurial brand with a mission to help improve work wellness for hard working people through pain management and prevention products. She is the mom of 2 young kids, and the proud daughter of a hard working woman.

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