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The Human Focus: Why Empathy Is a Requirement for Successful Change Management

The Human Focus: Why Empathy Is a Requirement for Successful Change Management

What’s the biggest hurdle we see companies struggle to leap when implementing change? You may be surprised to hear it’s not vision, desire, funding or strategy. Instead, it’s the appreciation that companies don’t operate by systems — they operate by people.

Ever gone to a meeting to discuss a new strategy for tackling company initiatives? Maybe it’s a tactical issue that hasn’t been working, and someone has developed a new process designed to be more efficient. Or perhaps it’s a technological failure, and a new program is presented as the answer to the problem.

And how many times has everyone left the meeting and gone back to the exact same problems or the exact same processes?

There’s a reason honest change management so often fails. It’s because we’ve overlooked the most important element of successfully implementing change: People.

Understanding that people are the most important element of any organization’s success is what makes the difference between a new business strategy and a fundamental organizational shift that will point you in the direction of new success and a new way of being. Understanding how to integrate people into change strategy is what has made our management consultant firm effective since 1982.

Even the wisest vision is impossible to bring to fruition without convincing and mobilizing our communities. Our women-led and employee-owned company was built around the idea that having the full commitment of your people is the most critical element to success. Our clients are the living, breathing evidence of the success of that theory. We prioritize outcomes, not processes. And outcomes depend on a true connection with the real people involved in everyday decisions about how your company operates.


A version of this article originally appeared on B the Change. Future State is part of the community of Certified B Corporations. Read more stories of people using business as a force for good in B the Change, or sign up to receive the B the Change Weekly newsletter for more stories like the one above, delivered straight to your inbox. 

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