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31 Reasons To Be A Part Of The Ellevate Community

31 Reasons To Be A Part Of The Ellevate Community

There is no denying that the last few years have been transitional and transformative. And a lot of that has to do with women -- using our voices, taking matters into our own hands, and supporting one another. We know that our Ellevate community is a key part of that movement.

Wondering why now is the best time to join the community? No problem. We spelled it out for you:

  1. Careers are not linear. No matter what your next move, we got you.
  2. Community lifts us up. That means you.
  3. Women here support each other. No strings attached.
  4. Diverse perspectives help us succeed, and we’re committed to raising all voices.
  5. SQUADS: We’ll hook you up with yours.
  6. Your next opportunity is likely to come from a loose connection (and we probably know her).
  7. Learning from other professional women will shorten your career trajectory.
  8. Everyone needs support. And that's what our community is known for.
  9. Women who get to the top don’t do it alone (contrary to popular belief).
  10. The women you need to know are here. And here. And here.
  11. All the career resources you need, in one place. Sourced from the experts in our community.
  12. We make networking easy. You work hard enough already.
  13. We talk to the #FemaleRoleModels you thought you’d never meet(and one day you will be one of them).
  14. Networking here is *intentional*. We don’t believe in wasting time.
  15. Your local chapter.
  16. You deserve a career that you love.
  17. You deserve to make more money.
  18. Everything changes, so let your relationships be the stability you need.
  19. Career challenges are universal. Ellevate women have been there and can help.
  20. We don’t wait for others to make a change. We take matters into our own hands.
  21. You can’t afford not to. There is no better investment than in yourself.
  22. New perspectives bring new perspectives.
  23. It’s never too late to meet the right people, and live a life you love.
  24. Help. Support. Advice.
  25. A community of women, for women.
  26. Not every community is for you. Ours is diverse, resilient, and accomplished.
  27. There is nothing that can replace a valuable connection: it will take your career to the next level.
  28. Wherever you are (even your couch), you can plug into the network.
  29. We value your expertise... and give you a platform to showcase it.
  30. Resilience comes from your support system. We're here every step of the way.
  31. We believe that together, we can change the world. And we work at it every single day.


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