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5 Ways Leaders Can Show Appreciation for Their Administrative Assistants

5 Ways Leaders Can Show Appreciation for Their Administrative Assistants

Where would your company be without your admin assistant’s support? Probably nowhere! These hardworking, dedicated support professionals work hard behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. And while there is a holiday, Administrative Assistant Appreciation Day, dedicated to recognizing them, a good leader knows that expressing his or her appreciation of his or her admins’ hard work is essential for morale and productivity, every day of the year. Let’s take a look at some cost-effective ways to show your appreciation for your administrative assistants all year round.

1) Say Thanks

It’s easy to get so caught up in the hectic pace of the workday that you forget to express your gratitude to the people who make your job easier. But saying thanks to those whose hard work helps you do your own hard work makes them feel good, boosts their morale, and can make them more productive and more loyal. Not only that, but cultivating gratitude can change your whole workplace culture, transforming it into one that inspires and motivates all members of the team.

A simple thank you could mean the world to the recipient, and it doesn’t cost the company a thing. Make your thanks more effective by including the specific efforts and good performance you’re thanking your admin assistant for. This serves the purpose of giving him or her good feedback, so that he or she knows what kinds of efforts will be recognized and rewarded in the future. If you forget to say thank you in person, send an email or a hand-written note.

2) Take Them to Lunch

Take your admin assistant out to a nice lunch once in a while to express your appreciation for his or her hard work. A two-hour lunch break with your admin assistant could give him or her a chance to step away from the grind for a moment and catch his or her breath. Treat your assistant to lunch at a restaurant he or she might not normally be able to afford. Don’t spend the time talking about work; use it to get to know your assistant better as a person, so that when you try the next strategy, it’ll have a more personal and meaningful impact.

3) Buy Them a Gift

Don’t forget to buy an administrative gift for Administrative Assistant Appreciation Day. You might also choose to give your assistant a personal gift on another occasion, such as his or her birthday. Make sure it counts - a thoughtful gift that’s meaningful to your assistant will make him or her feel more valued, seen, and known than a generic, impersonal item. Think about who your admin assistant is as a person and what he or she likes when considering thoughtful gift ideas.

4) Give Them an Afternoon or an Extra Day Off

A bit of extra cash isn’t the only way you can give your admin assistants a bonus. These days, everyone’s looking for more time to spend with family and friends, pursue hobbies, moonlight for their Etsy store, write their memoirs, or just get some extra sleep. One of the best ways to show your admin assistant how much you appreciate his or her hard work is to give him or her a few hours, or a whole day, off to relax and get away from the grind - if you can manage without him or her for a while.

5) Praise Them Publicly

Praising someone privately is great, but praising them publicly - whether at a yearly awards ceremony, in a staff meeting, or at other occasions where coworkers are assembled - not only shows your appreciation, but allows others in the organization the chance to thank and congratulate the recognized person, too. Be specific in your praise in front of colleagues, because it gives them an example of the kind of performance that’s praised and rewarded by leadership.

Your administrative assistant works hard; you probably wouldn’t be able to keep the company going without him or her. Show your appreciation regularly to ensure that he or she stays motivated and engaged, and to improve morale and boost productivity in your department and throughout the company.

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