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New for Members: More Ways to Connect with the Right Women in our Community

New for Members: More Ways to Connect with the Right Women in our Community

At Ellevate, the diversity of our community is always on our minds — everything from your background, experience, ethnicity, how you identify, and your career goals. Harnessing the power of diversity is one of  our core values and we will always work hard to build a more diverse and inclusive network. This concept drives the way we plan our events, the kind of resources we provide, and how we launch new programs, like Ellevate Squads.

You asked and we heard you — there’s value in specific spaces for women of color, for women early or late in their career, and for women with specific professional interests, like podcasting, serving on corporate boards, or leading mission-driven companies. There’s also an opportunity for us to provide content in a more goal-focused way to help each of you take your next steps towards success, whatever that looks like.

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In order to help our growing number of members easily find and connect with other members like them, as well as achieve their specific professional goals, we’re doubling our number of Ellevate Groups and Professional Goals. The groups and professional goals you choose are only visible within our community of Ellevate Members, and can provide a safe space for finding other women who self-identify the way you do.

You can choose new groups and professional goals by going to your profile and clicking on the options on the left-hand side, under your profile picture. 

New Groups New Professional Goals
East Asians Expats Latinas
Military & Veterans
South Asians
Women with Disabilities
Business Owners
Starting a New Business
Employee Resource Group Leader
Working Moms
Women on Boards
Looking for New Opportunities
Considering Retirement
Mission Driven Companies
Community Volunteer
Remote Professionals
Young Professionals
Older Professionals
Political Activist
Network more efficiently
Establish my brand as an expert
Impact my community and our world
Move up and get paid more
Develop my skills as a leader and manager
Totally reinvent my career
Manage my personal finances
Learn better ways to run my company
Tap into mentorship and sponsorship
Find inspiration and motivation
Focus on my health and wellness
Figure out what I could do next
Get on a board of directors
Find diverse talent for my company
Become a more confident negotiator
Start and succeed as a solopreneur
Have more flexibility at work
Succeed as a working mom

It’s important to not overlook the value of  intentional networking with people who understand you, who have had similar experiences, and who understand the specific challenges you face. (After twenty plus years as a women’s network, we certainly understand the value of a space just for women!) You can’t be who you can’t see, and exclusive spaces and stories provide a critical opportunity to learn from role models, mentors, and peers that have relevant first-hand experience.


Continue learning with this Ellevate Playbook:

Ellevate Network is a community of professional women committed to helping each other succeed. We use the power of community to help you take the next step in your career.

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