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Activism Comes in as Many Shapes and Sizes as Those Who Partake in it

Activism Comes in as Many Shapes and Sizes as Those Who Partake in it

by: Makella Brems


Who are you picturing? Probably women like Mother Teresa and Maya Angelou, Malala Yousafzai and Tarana Burke.

“Activist” brings to mind the type of women who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of the just, the fair, the good—women who sacrifice everything and stop at nothing to actualize the ideals they believe in.

We admire these women, we quote these women, and we look to them for guidance. But we don’t always believe that we are like them. I mean, come on! We’re talking about women who transcend societal limitations and uplift entire generations, here. Naturally, we might find it difficult to place ourselves in the same category of “activist.”

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Au contraire. We can all be activists.

This isn’t a beckoning call to the front lines of a march (though we welcome you there). It is the realization that, to be an “activist,” you must simply act—how, and for what or whom, is entirely up to you.

At Ellevate, we believe that activism comes in as many shapes and sizes as the women who partake in it.

Did you choose to purchase organic produce at the grocery store this week? Congratulations, you’re an activist! Did you make effort to give credit to a female colleague in a meeting? Congratulations, you’re an activist!

Did your Squad meet this week to give each other advice on how to move up in the workforce? Congratulations, you are all activists!

Activism can range from tweeting #timesup to launching a company, there are so many ways to promote the people and causes we care about. Ellevate takes this philosophy to heart. That’s why we have set out to #RedefineActivism.

We want you to know that you already have what you need to stand up for what’s right, and that the best way for you to make a difference is your way. 

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Whether it is your voice, your purchases, your investments, your parenting, your mentorship, or your profession, the skills and resources you bring to the table make you uniquely qualified to enact the change that you want to see happen.

For Ellevate, #RedefineActivism means yielding our strengths and passions to leverage what we care most about: You!

We are working every day to provide you with the resources, inspiration, and networking community you need to leave your authentic mark on the world. And now, with the EllevateHER program and the Women in Power eBook series, we are pushing our vision for gender equality even further by bringing underrepresented voices to the community and expanding access to resources geared toward your success. We are eliminating the gender achievement gap one woman’s success story at a time.

And you are helping us get there.

In choosing to be a part of the Ellevate community, to invest in yourself, (and even to read this article), you are bringing our mission to life. Together, we will #RedefineActivism.

Photo credit to Makella Brems