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Company Spotlight: Charles Schwab

Company Spotlight: Charles Schwab

Ellevate Network recognizes Charles Schwab, who has shown us that they are committed to women in their current and future ranks, as well as understanding how women think about and use money and what they need from an investment services firm. Charles Schwab is one of the largest full-service investment firms in the country, offering a full range of brokerage, wealth management, and financial advisory services to individual investors and independent financial advisors. They believe this sponsorship creates exciting opportunities for their firm, including expanding their ability to recruit, develop, support, and retain talented women. 

“Our Ellevate sponsorship creates exciting opportunities, including expanding our ability to recruit, develop, support and retain talented women."

—Terri Kallsen, Executive Vice President of Schwab Investor Services

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We thank Schwab for joining in our mission to close the gender achievement gap in business

If your company would like to support women in leadership, retain and attract top talent, and demonstrate its commitment to closing the pay gap, consider partnering with Ellevate. Contact us at to learn more.


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