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Company Spotlight: Prudential

Company Spotlight: Prudential

Ellevate Network recognizes Prudential as an Elite Corporate Partner. Prudential is a multinational financial services firm and trusted brand that is differentiated by top talent and innovative solutions for all stages of life. The company’s workforce reflects their longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion. Prudential values the unique perspectives and experiences of every individual, welcoming and rewarding people of all identities and backgrounds for their hard work. We thank Prudential for their commitment to closing the gender achievement gap. Learn more about working at Prudential

“At Prudential, gender diversity and inclusion go well beyond representation; it is reflected in our belief that financial security should be achievable for everyone. In addition to our investments around workplace retention, partnerships with organizations like Ellevate help us provide women with access to the tools and training they need to be financially independent."

- Mammen Verghis, vice president, Multicultural Marketing at Prudential

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