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Help a Transitioning Veteran find Her Next Career

Help a Transitioning Veteran find Her Next Career

Ellevate Network and national nonprofit American Corporate Partners(ACP) are teaming up for the third year to engage top women entrepreneurs and business leaders as mentors to women veterans making the transition from the military to the corporate workforce.

During the one-on-one, yearlong mentorship, mentors work with their individually-selected protégé on topics like career exploration, networking, resumes, interview preparation, workplace communication, and leadership. Through ACP’s Women’s Program, Ellevate Mentors have the opportunity to lead professional development workshops and attend exclusive networking events with the ACP community.

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More than 30 Ellevate members have been active participants as mentors through ACP. Currently, ACP has a specific need for mentors with experience in real estate, HR, government, defense, cybersecurity and finance.

Learn more about becoming a mentor and apply to the program using code ELVACP.

We’ve heard from mentors and protégés alike how much the experience has been rewarding and impactful in their lives:

From female veterans paired with an Ellevate member:

"I could not have asked for a better match! Laura has already made a significant impact on my life and put a lot of practical actions in place that has taken me so long to try and figure it out. She figured it out in one hour!” - U.S. Army Reserve veteran Sheena P., paired with Ellevate member and ACP Mentor Laura Kauffmann
“Terri is really great, and I’ve actually found a new career interest from working with her. I never considered banking before working with Terri because in the military you don’t really consider that as an option - she has really broadened my perspective on possible careers.” U.S. Army Veteran Stephiney X. paired with Ellevate Mentor Terri Clark.

From Ellevate members:

“One of the best things Ellevate has done for me has been introducing me to American Corporate Partners. I spent the last year mentoring a Marine Corps Officer in transitioning from public service to a private sector career, and it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my own career. Through the generosity of my protege, I had the opportunity to spend a week at Quantico, where I participated in the same obstacle course officer recruits go through, learned basics of patrolling and martial arts, and took an unbelievable ride in an HMX-1. I’m very excited to have just kicked off a second mentorship for 2018 with an Army Reserves Warrant Officer looking to get her own business off the ground. There are over 30 active mentors with ACP from the Ellevate community. I can’t encourage members enough to check out this amazing organization and take advantage of a unique opportunity to give back!” — Laura Kaufmann 
"Being a mentor for ACP has been such a rewarding experience on so many levels. I had the opportunity to help prepare an Army Major for her transition from a public service career to the private sector. During our journey together we not only developed a very close professional relationship, but also connected on a personal level and our friendship continues. It is a wonderful way to give back, but also learn something new from a diverse perspective." — Allison Matejczyk


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