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Your Privacy & Data Security

Your Privacy & Data Security

At Ellevate, we collect personal information for the express purpose of providing the professional training, support, and advice women need to succeed in the workplace. Our community is diverse, so understanding the goals and needs of each of our members is critical to our ability to deliver the right resources at the right time and to help members network efficiently.

We collect this personal information from Ellevate members, individuals who attend our events, individuals who subscribe to our newsletter.

Almost all data we collect is provided directly by individuals or their employers who have purchased Ellevate memberships on their behalf; this includes personal information(e.g. email and location) professional information(e.g. current employer, and work/education history) as well as career goals and membership to specific affinity groups. We also retain information about the activity of individuals(e.g. which of our events they have attended or which other members they have messaged).

This data is retained, backed up, and physically secured primarily by Heroku, who uses Amazon AWS for data storage and is GDPR compliant, as well as replicated by Magento Business Intelligence; we also share a subsets of this data with other third parties and can share more information upon request. This data is retained indefinitely, unless deletion is requested by the individual.

Ellevate employees have access to most member data via Magento Business Intelligence, both on-site and remotely, after our training and onboarding programs. Only specific subset of employees responsible for product development have access to our primary data storage. A subset of data, including member names, locations, and employers, is shared with our Chapter Leadership Teams so they can engage with the community.

We also use third-party cookies to track the activity of individuals visiting our website so that we can understand interest in our resources and recommend additional content; these third-parties are Google Analytics, Facebook, and Zeta Global.

Personal information given with consent(e.g. email address, location, employer, and conversation snippets) may also be passed through internal tools and communication platforms used by Ellevate employees for the purpose of troubleshooting and product development; these tools include Trello, Slack, Front, Airtable, Google Docs, and Dropbox.

Personal information on individuals who register to attend one of our events(including name, email address, employer, title, and location) is shared with the individuals who are hosting and managing the event so that they can manage the guest list.

Ellevate does not store or retain any payment information; all payment information is passed securely and directly to Stripe, who is GDPR compliant.

If you would like to opt-out or request data deletion, please contact us.


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