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The Old Way of Investing vs. The New Way

The Old Way of Investing vs. The New Way

When you make the decision to invest, you also make the decision whether to invest the way it’s always been done or to invest in a modern way.

The old way of investing: Built by men for men. With financial advisors and mutual fund managers who are still 86% to 90% men. Still! Even with all of the research that shows that women are better investors and diversity is powerful.

The new way: Built for women, by women — with hundreds of hours of research, design, and conversations with women about what they actually want. Brought to you by a company populated by people more representative of what our country actually looks like (since we’re not 90% men).

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Old way: Pay 1% of your assets — or more — to invest.

New way: Pay anywhere from a quarter to a half of that to invest with Ellevest. Who gets to keep that extra money? You!

Old way: It’s all about “beating the market.” Which almost nobody manages to do.

New way: It’s all about YOU reaching your goals. (It means investing differently than “beating the market” does.)

Old way: You have to decide how “risk tolerant” you are, and your investment portfolio is built off of that. (I’ve been in the business for a long time, and I don’t know of anyone who really knows the answer to this until the markets test them.)

New way: You share your financial goals; then we create a personalized investment portfolio to help you to reach your goals. And no more risk than that.

Old way: You need to have real money to start investing.

New way: No minimums for Ellevest Digital. Literally, no minimums.

Old way: Invest with a broker-dealer, who is not a fiduciary when recommending securities to you.

New way: Invest with an SEC-registered investment advisor who is deemed a fiduciary and is required to act in your best interests.

Old way: “Would you like a mutual fund or an ETF? If it’s a mutual fund, closed-end or open-end? Or do you prefer to trade individual stocks?”

New way: We’ve got this. It’s our job to pick the right investment vehicle for you, to work to get your to your goals.

Old way: Invest only for a financial return.

New way: We can choose investments that aim to effect positive social and economic change by advancing women and give us a fair return. Game changer.

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Even if you choose not to invest with Ellevest, doesn’t the new way sound better? We think so, too.

It’s our mission to unleash women’s financial power and help them reach their goals. And that’s VERY different from the old way.

This article was originally published in Ellevest's newsletter, What The Elle. You can learn more here.

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Community Discussion
Jacqui St. Cyr
Jacqui St. Cyr

So glad to see a different perspective on investing and one that is geared toward women.

Wednesday, Sep 5 9:37 AM EDT