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Why You Should Put Your Fears Aside and Act on Your Own Business Ideas

Why You Should Put Your Fears Aside and Act on Your Own Business Ideas

Do you have a new business idea you've been chewing on?

It can be hard to tell if you should move forward with your new idea. Life is already busy, and you only have so much time for your family, but what if your idea brings freedom and income to your household?

Sometimes our minds fill with worries such as, "What if this doesn't work out?" or "What if I'm not good enough?" Taking action on a new business idea can be scary. You can only achieve your dreams when you silence the "inner critic" and begin to walk forward.

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Instead of living in regret, here are three reasons you need to take action today.

1) You have to trust your instincts.

As women, our natural instinct or inner intuition is almost always right. If you have a new idea that you have been mulling over for a while now, it's probably because you should act on it.

You will always face "naysayers" in your mind when moving into new territory. Trust your gut and take a step to create. Often taking action is the thing that motivates you to see potential in a new idea.

2) You are more than enough.

Most often, the thing that keeps us back is the fear of failing or not being good enough. You are capable of whatever you put your mind to.

It's ok to sign up for a new class if you are lacking a skill, but don't count yourself out just because you don't feel you have what it takes. You are more than enough to get the idea off the ground, and you're smart enough to know when to ask for some help.

No one succeeds alone. It's time to believe in yourself and start moving forward with your ideas.

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3) No one can say it like you can.

Maybe you don't want to move forward with your new idea because you feel it's already been done before. Well, guess what: It probably has been done before, but not like you can do it.

No one can say it like you can. Your motivation and the lens through which you see the world is unique. You are an individual and there is room for your ideas at the table.

Bonus: Steps you can take toward your idea.

  • Define your idea in a journal and start mind-mapping (email me for a template to play around with) what direction you want your business idea to take.
  • Test your idea by sending out a questionnaire or poll to existing customers or friends. See what kind of reaction you get.
  • Try pitching your new idea to someone in your niche to see if they want to partner with you in this new venture. This will help you get traction faster than you would alone.

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Andrea Silvershein, an experienced certified Business Coach, is laser-focused on helping women grow their business. Her methods emphasize working smarter, not harder.

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