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It's a Take-Charge Kind of Year

It's a Take-Charge Kind of Year

What is it that you really want? The majority of people spend some time in the year being reflective and setting new goals and aspirations. For some, it’s New Year's. For others, it’s birthdays or times when something big happens. In the moments when we pause and reflect, we all seem to be able to dream big – but often fall flat as we progress through the year, seemingly for a hundred different reasons. In fact, a staggering 92% of us fall flat of achieving any goals at all.

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When it comes to your career, it isn’t really the creation of a new goal or game plan that you want to set in motion. It's about taking a hard look at who you are and what your values are, ultimately deciding what it is that you really want and choosing to go after it.

The “go after it” part is where the rubber meets the road, and how we really see change progress. Unfortunately, this is also where many of us quickly lose focus and momentum, and often find ourselves completely avoiding our goals altogether.

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All too often, women will let job opportunities pass us by because we only feel confident in five-of-the-ten qualifications, or two-of-the-four, or six-of-the-eight. Meanwhile, men will go after jobs with even fewer applicable skills in their arsenal.

Why is that? Why does a woman traditionally feel that if she does a good job and keeps her head down, she will be rewarded for her great efforts? All this while a man traditionally promotes himself like crazy, networks like there's no tomorrow, and drives forward even if he hasn't yet mastered what he's doing today. While I understand that this isn't the case for everyone, it's what I hear my female clients, friends, and colleagues say time and time again.

It’s time to make a change.

Rather than let any more opportunities pass you by, ask yourself: What’s really holding you back? Are you making fear-based decisions? What do you have to lose?

Check yourself and make a list of the strengths, skills, gifts, and values that you bring to the table. Recognize how amazing you are and that the list you just created is unique to you and you alone – no one can offer it but you.

If you still don’t believe you’re ready or good enough, seek feedback on your performance from your peers. Build up your confidence in any way that you can. Tell yourself that you deserve it – because, frankly, you do. And when you’ve rallied, go get it.

Choose the path you want and don’t let anyone or anything get in your way. Take charge!

And even more…

Don’t stop there. When you do go after things, don’t be afraid to ask for the big stuff. Ask for that raise. Ask for the sign-on bonus. Ask for that additional week of vacation. Ask for stock options. Ask for flex time and work-from-home days. If you don’t ask for it, you’ll never get it – and you deserve it! Take charge and don’t look back.

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Tami Chapek is a professional coach and highly-skilled marketer with a passion for building strong female leaders and brands, with a focus on career and leadership development support. She has nearly eighteen years of leadership, team coaching and development, branding, advertising and marketing strategy, tactical execution, and account management experience.

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