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#MobilizeWomen Action Guide: How to Form Alliances

#MobilizeWomen Action Guide: How to Form Alliances

Coming up with a game plan for your career is challenging, especially if you find yourself isolated in your cubicle or on the road for business. When you’re faced with a challenge, it’s much easier to tackle when you have a team of people helping you out.

Team up with your coworkers, friends, and peers to form intentional alliances where you can learn from each other’s failures and successes. As Neha Gandhi said,“Every opportunity I’ve ever gotten has been through my network. Without building my network and then sustaining it by adding value to their lives, I wouldn’t have made any of the moves I’ve made.”

Sharing the wisdom of your experience adds value to your network, amplifies your impact and creates a supportive and trustworthy community. 

“If you want to build an effective network, you must focus on what you can do for other people, not what they can offer you.” 

- Mike Steib, CEO XO Group

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Diversify Your Network. “People fish in their own network - so find sponsors within different networks, outside of your own.” - Kemp Steib, CFO of TheSecondShift

Build Authentic Relationships. “Practice empathy in action; don’t just ask what people need - listen, put yourself in their shoes, and act.” Sarah LaFleur, Founder and CEO, MM LaFleur 

“Help others be their authentic self. If you see another woman crashing into a wall - HELP! Don’t let them crash.” Margaret Keane, CEO and President, Synchrony

Don’t just look for your own mentor - be a mentor to someone with potential. “Look for what people are interested in doing, what makes their eyes light up, and give them those opportunities. Don’t just look for people who have done it before.” - Commissioner Charlotte A. Burrows, Commissioner, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 


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