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#MobilizeWomen Action Guide: How to Be True to Yourself

#MobilizeWomen Action Guide: How to Be True to Yourself

You are in control of your own story, no one else can write it for you. Achieving success rests on your ability to figure out what works best for you.

As you navigate your career, listen to the wisdom from your mentors that resonate the most with you. When you’re ready to start a new endeavor, don’t be afraid to do things differently from your peers and colleagues.

As Sarah LaFleur said, “Whatever you’re doing now, do it really well.” Embracing your creativity, talents, and unique way of thinking will help you stay true to your career vision.

No matter what you do, be to true to you, and always strive to do it well.

"We have to create a space where women(and men) can give themselves permission to define and redefine ‘success’ for themselves."

- Neha Gandhi, Editor-in-Chief and COO, Girlboss

Take Action: Share Your Story

“We have been fed so much BS about having it all and that we have to be perfect - but it’s not true. You do not have to be perfect - even as a leader - your flaws are what make you a relateable, successful person.” - Jenn Romolini

Jenn is so right. As a leader, I recognize my vulnerability every day. I don't have to be always perfect or right; in fact, I'm very comfortable admitting that I don't know the answer.

Being your authentic self sets the best example for your peers. At Ellevate, we support our members in sharing their stories, focusing on what they do well, and making sure everyone sees how they can build their own paths to success.

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If your authentic self isn’t valued, work on your ability to leave.  “Engineer your exit in a really smart way. Your resume should never have cobwebs on it. You should always been investing in yourself outside of your job. Go to these conferences and get those skills, even if it means a workshop on a Wednesday night. The accountability falls on us, to exit the jobs we don’t love and are not paid justly for. At the end of the day we’re all disposable, so investing in my own brand and website and adjacent business was critical to give me the comfort and confidence to leave.” - Catt Sadler, Activist and Emmy Award-Winning Journalist

Practice #SelfCare

“When I meet someone who says they don’t need 8 hours of sleep, it’s like meeting someone who doesn’t believe in evolution. You need sleep. Go to bed at the right time.” - Mike Steib, Chief Executive Officer, XO Group Inc.

“Use that unfollow button. You don’t have to see negativity online 24/7.” - Whitney Bell, Writer, Activist and Event Producer! 


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