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#MobilizeWomen Action Guide: How to Advocate for Others

#MobilizeWomen Action Guide: How to Advocate for Others

Taking even small steps to make your company environment one that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility, can make all the difference in making sure everyone feels like they belong.

As Chelsea VonChaz said, “There’s someone, somewhere that would trade places with you. Never forget that.”

Taking a step back to see the world from someone else’s perspective, and beginning to understand their challenges is enlightening. But coming up with solutions to remove those obstacles — now that’s advocacy!

Be part of the solution, advocate for inclusion, and create an accessible community for everyone.

“We must continue to work together to cultivate an environment that genuine celebrates and practices diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility.” 

- KR Liu, US Congressional Awarded Hearing Loss Advocate

Take Action: As a Workplace Leader

Listen to your employees and hold yourself accountable for change. Commissioner Charlotte A. Burrows, Commissioner, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, suggests “as an employer, do an anonymous survey about engagement, harassment, discrimination - and take the results seriously.”

Show you care through your actions, systems and processes. For example, employees need to be able to feel safe interacting with your vendors, especially if they’re on the road or at a work site; contracts should have non discrimination language, and there should be alert lines for employees to report harassment and get support. For more concrete suggestions, check out Commissioner Burrows’ EEOC Promising Practices for Preventing Harassment.

EEOC Promising Practices

Pick people based on potential, not experience. “Observe how opportunity is distributed, and work to make it that an open process. Even if you’re not in leadership, you can always do something by talking with your peers.” - Charlotte Burrows

Get to know each other - as humans. “Insist on the humanity of others - and be proximate to that humanity.” - Malika Saada Saar, Public Policy and Government Relations Senior Counsel-Civil and Human Rights, Google

“Do you know the person that sits next to you? Do you know what’s important to them?” - Allison Green, Senior Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion and Employee Engagement, Lincoln Financial Group 

Be an ally for coworkers who need accessibility. “Ask questions, there are no stupid questions. Get to know them as a person first. Ask them what their life is like, and listen. Then go out and then rally as many people as possible to support them. Educate others on how they can look out for them.” - KR Liu, US Congressional Awarded Hearing Loss Advocate

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