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Finding Your Squad: Kelly Sherer

Finding Your Squad: Kelly Sherer

Are you looking for your “tribe?” Kelly joined Squads to find her own personal “Board of Directors” to support her throughout her career.

Why did you decide to join a Squad?

I was looking for a chance to get to know a handful of peers in a more intimate setting than the traditional networking group setting. I really wanted a chance to have more of a "Board of Directors" or a "sounding board" made up of women at a similar career stage. Frankly, I was looking for a tribe of women who would rally around and really support one another in reaching goals and overcoming challenges.

What did you learn from your Squads experience?

I've learned many valuable insights from the women in my Squad as they've shared their advice, experiences and support during our weekly video chats. In addition to the sharing and transparency on the video chats, it's been tremendous to have the online platform to stay in touch with one another in between calls and share additional resources to support each other there.

It's been a wonderful experience to see each of the women rally around to support fellow Squad mates in reaching goals and overcoming challenges. I feel thankful to have met such a wonderful "tribe" of women and I hope we stay in touch long after our 12 week session is complete.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about joining a Squad?

Commit to being there each week and to being vulnerable enough to ask for help, advice, and input from the group. That's really where the sharing and learning really takes place.

Of course, I still really enjoy going to Ellevate events, like the coffees and dinners, to meet new women. Be sure to take advantage of that too!


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