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Squad Mod Lessons: Kim Tran

Squad Mod Lessons: Kim Tran

Quality advice can come from anyone, anytime, anywhere! Kim's experience as the Mod for her Squad reinforced the power of diversity. 

Why did you decide to join a Squad?

Joining a Squad provided me with an opportunity to expand, connect, and develop meaningful relationships with other professionals outside of my current network.

What have you learned from your Squads experience?

As the Mod for an interdisciplinary, virtual squad located across all US time zones and one country outside the US, it’s been amazing to see how much our career needs and interests intersect. Relationships take time to develop and our Squad has definitely grown together due to our time together.

We have a diverse Squad and what’s been great to see is the quality of advice that comes from each member, even from of our most junior members. This has allowed me as the Mod, to solely focus on ensuring that each Hot Topic concern is fully discussed by the Squad.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining a Squad?

Even though my participation in Ellevate is relatively new, this platform has provided me with an opportunity to meet other up and coming professionals that I might not otherwise have met.

It’s amazing what can be done in thirty minutes if you just put your mind to it!


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