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Honestly... Do You Deserve a Promotion?

Honestly... Do You Deserve a Promotion?

Do you deserve a promotion?

Admittedly, that’s a loaded question. But seriously, who decides that? Generally, it’s management who decides who gets promoted but I’d argue that they are not the ones who decide who deserves a promotion.

Only you can decide whether you deserve a promotion; It’s really a matter of mindset. One of the things that energy theory tells us is that energy attracts like energy. If you’d like to get promoted but you're waiting for someone else to tap you on the shoulder and pull you up, you may be waiting for a very long time. 

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On the other hand, if you believe that you are destined for good things, and begin to envision yourself already in an elevated position, you may find that in short order you are actually in that role.

The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between reality and dreams. If you can envision a very clear picture of what a promotion will be like and how you’ll act and look and be, you will begin to live that way. And as a result, others will begin to see you that way as well. 

Now, this does not happen "auto-magically" — you don’t just sit around thinking this stuff (and doing nothing else) and magically a big raise and promotion is dropped on your lap. The fact is that when you mentally create your future environment in your mind, you begin to see opportunities. If you start to act on them, it sets other things in motion that will move you towards your goal. You do things like upgrade your wardrobe. You identify skill gaps between where you currently are and where you need to be and you address those gaps through training, mentoring and coaching. You take responsibility for your own career rather than having a narrow view of some all-powerful manager having control over whether you advance or not. 

Some people will attach themselves to their boss's coattails, believing that's the path to advancement. They will adapt their career approach to their manager’s style only to have that manager leave and be replaced by someone new with a completely vision. Then, the employee is caught flat-footed without her own career vision because she abdicated responsibility for her advancement to her boss.

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The truth is that you have the ability to add value. You are here on Earth for a reason and you are the one who ultimately decides if you are deserving. Even if there’s not a path to career advancement at your current employer, if you believe you are worthy and act as such, you will find the opportunities and they may even find you!


Terry B. McDougall helps mid-career professionals find career fulfillment, success, and happiness by identifying and removing blocks that stand in the way of their career and life goals.

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