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Tech Update: Is “Summer Cleaning” a thing?

Tech Update: Is “Summer Cleaning” a thing?

As Ellevate grows, it’s important for us to continually assess our platform, find the weak points, and bring it up to date. This year, we’re taking the time to rebuild the foundation behind what you see when you visit to make sure that our website is stable, consistent, responsive, and easier to use.

Our focus on the underlying structure of our platform means you might not notice much of a change, but in fact there are lots of exciting improvements:

Speed! Every page of our website should load much faster, so you can get down to business. 

Accessibility. At Ellevate, we believe in diversity and authenticity; that means continuing to take the time to improve our ADA compliance scores, ensuring visitors with screen readers, color blindness, or other disabilities can use our platforms.

Mobile Usability. Visiting on the go? Our mobile (and tablet) experience is faster and easier to use.

While we were working to improve these foundational elements, we also took a look at our website navigation. It’s important to us that each visitor can intuitively access everything we do, so we're reorganized to make things easier to find. Keep an eye out for our changes in the coming weeks; it just feels right to us, and we hope you agree. 

Questions about what we’re doing, or ideas about how we could do better? Please shoot us an email!

Have more questions? Follow up with the expert herself.


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