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Ellevate Playbooks: Career Help from Experts in Your Community

Ellevate Playbooks: Career Help from Experts in Your Community

We know that the Ellevate community is home to some pretty incredible women — executives, entrepreneurs, creatives, innovators, women working to make the next big step in their careers. And within this network, there are those who have been through it all — the ups and downs, the good and bad — who have come out on the other side wiser for it. They know a thing or two about the career obstacles you might be facing.

We’re excited to announce Ellevate Playbooks, a better way to help our members find answers to their biggest career questions. Ellevate Playbooks are guides with content specific to your professional goals, all provided by the Experts who are already in your network.

Playbooks are not just a tool to learn how to reach the next step in your career, but an opportunity to connect with women in your community who can actually help. Looking for a career transition coach? An expert on negotiations? A personal brand consultant to help you promote your business? Ellevate Playbooks can point you in the right direction.

Learn through Playbooks on your own schedule:

  • Take a lunch break to watch a Jam Session about how to become a better investor — then reach out to the presenter via Conversations to let her know you’re interested in her financial services.
  • Don’t have 45 minutes? Take 5 to read an article on our site, and leave a comment to let the author know her tips hit home.
  • Spend your morning commute listening to an Ellevate Podcast episode to learn exactly how the experts in our network made it through some of the toughest challenges in their careers… and how you can succeed like they did.

Ellevate members are committed to supporting other women (really — there’s a pledge and everything). So why not reach out to the experts who can help? Your Ellevate community has your back.


Continue learning with this Ellevate Playbook: