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​Motivate Your Team & Business with Three Basic Behaviors

​Motivate Your Team & Business with Three Basic Behaviors

If you're among the top business professionals, you're motivated to grow your business and take it to the next level. You're constantly juggling many tasks and wearing many hats. One thing you cannot anticipate are roadblocks. Roadblocks appear unexpectedly and frequently become distractions. As a result, you may fall off track and fail to realize your goals and objectives. Here are three ways you can motivate your team, move your business forward, and avoid feeling stuck:

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Stop Micro-Managing Your Team:

Are you a helicopter manager? Do you often feel the need to be ever-present at meetings, events, and on projects? Trust your team to deliver and avoid the compulsion to be ever present. If you do not, it will signal to your team that you are a micro-manager with major control issues. They will feel as if they don't have to prepare for meetings, will not be heard or able to voice their opinions, and will be reluctant to own a project and make business decisions. The whole team will becomes stuck, so be sure to allow your team to lead. Now, think about your leadership style. How effective are you at allowing trust and collaboration on your team? How are you at developing your team to thrive and grow, to stand on its own two feet, to fail, and think? As a leader, you must recognize your team’s strengths and weaknesses. You must provide guidance, enable them to come to you with their challenges, and offer alternative approaches to solving business problems.  Secondly, what are you accomplishing? While you are busy attending every meeting, who is managing the strategic direction of your business, projects, etc.? As a leader, it's your responsibility to let go of the minutia and start leading through influence, leveraging resources, and forming relationships to gain support for your initiatives.

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Move Away from Analysis Paralysis:

We are constantly bombarded with data. While data is good, how do you effectively prioritize your focus? This is another area in which business professionals can become stuck. Data can prompt you to make decisions and reassess problems. However, the amount of data that we consume can also provide confusion and overload. Constant bombardment hampers our ability to make clear, sound decisions. When stuck in analysis paralysis, your energy becomes drained. When the feeling of overload approaches, pause. Step away from the information or talk it through with a colleague. Meditation is a great option to allow for a change in focus to regain energy and to allow for creativity.

Break Out of Routines that Do Not Serve You:

What daily rituals do you habitually engage in that don't serve you? Do you wake up every morning with that same negative communication to yourself? Do you constantly tell yourself how bad the day will be and create situations that prove yourself right? Are you critical of yourself to the point where it hampers your own progress? If you're not in your own corner, who is? Look at the bigger picture. Creativity, activity, and proactivity are my areas of focus to break the mindset of feeling stuck. Don’t get stuck on routines that don't serve you. Be forward-thinking and solution-driven. Find ways to incorporate trust, connection, and collaboration with your team members. Get everyone involved in helping you win. Stop doubting yourself, lead your team, and make it happen.


Simone Sloan, Rph, MBA, founder of  Your Choice Coach, which applies expertise in business strategy, executive coaching and emotional intelligence to help organizations align activities with strategy and become more human to realize results.

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