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I Got Unstuck In My Career After Hitting Rock Bottom

I Got Unstuck In My Career After Hitting Rock Bottom

It was a beautiful summer weekend in mid-July about five years ago when I could no longer ignore it. I was completely miserable at work.

I left the office around 8:00 PM on Friday evening. Everyone else I knew was enjoying time with their families, attending happy hours with friends, or were on their way to the beach. I was just hoping to get some rest before I had to be back in the office at 8:00 AM on Saturday.

On Saturday morning, I dragged myself out of bed and reported to the office. I sat through several hours of white-boarding sessions with a team of people who didn't want to be there, either. The only bright spot (besides the free food) was that this was a nice respite from my usual client work, where I worked on a dysfunctional team with a verbally abusive client supporting a high-profile project that everyone knew was doomed to fail.

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How was this my life? How had I spent my whole career working long hours, playing office politics, and networking with the right people to end up in this situation?

A situation where I had no control over my own time. A situation where I worked with unpredictable, mean clients. A situation where I had to constantly watch my back from manipulative colleagues. A situation where the work bored me and didn't make a difference.

I was ready for a change.

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Shortly thereafter, I switched roles in the firm, before leaving the organization entirely a year later. I spent the next two years working for another organization and took my career in a different direction. This prepared me to ultimately go off on my own and start my firm, Mosaic Growth Partners, a few years ago.

This transition from misery to freedom was not easy or quick. But it taught me a lot. You may be feeling stuck, under-appreciated, or overwhelmed in your career trying to balance career and family. It doesn't have to be that way.

If you're a woman who wants to earn equal pay and get the promotion, raise, and respect you desire, then we should talk. And if you're a man and you know a woman who may benefit from this discussion, please share this with her.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Elena Lipson is the Principal and Founder of Mosaic Growth Partners, a consulting and coaching firm based in Washington, D.C.

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