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Finding My Community Connection: Homaira Kabir

Finding My Community Connection: Homaira Kabir

Ellevate helps professional women  tap into a supportive community, access resources on professional development, and find opportunities to distinguish their growth and get their name out there. We asked Homaira Kabir, a professional coach and writer, to share how her Ellevate membership has made a difference in her career.

What made Ellevate stand out to you compared to other professional networks?

I did not consider other professional networks until I came across Ellevate and it instantly spoke to me! Since beginning my membership 6 months ago, I came to realize what I’d been missing. I have met amazing people through the Squads program and learned a lot about helping other women through the Ellevate Podcast and Jam Sessions. I even contributed a couple of articles to the website, which have also been published on Forbes.

What’s next for you in your career and how will your membership help you get there?

I'm a coach running my own business and also working on my first book, which is about helping high-achieving women break through the proverbial glass ceiling. My writing is based on my research on women's confidence in the workplace. The Ellevate community will continue to be a sounding board for me. I’ll also use my membership to help me get the word out about my book by contributing articles, hosting podcasts and perhaps a webinar.

Why would you recommend Ellevate to a friend?

I would recommend Ellevate to friends for a variety of reasons.

  1. The Community: You can connect directly with others through events, Squads, and the Conversations  messaging platform. 
  2. The Resources: You can access an amazing collection of podcasts and videos to help with every aspect     of working life. 
  3. The Opportunities: Your work can be published on Forbes or Medium; you can also be featured as a     guest speaker on the Podcast and speak to topics that interest other women in the community.

I strongly believe that as a womanhood, we're at a stage in our common journey where we're being called to raise our voices towards a better future for all. Having a platform from which to do so is the greatest gift that Ellevate provides. Because as women, we're stronger together.

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