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Here’s What We CAN Control Right Now

Here’s What We CAN Control Right Now

Here’s What We CAN Control Right Now

We live in a “Can you believe this headline? And this one? And this one?” world these days, where it can feel like so much is out of our control.

Shouldn’t we have had more women in Congress by now? Shouldn’t we have had more women in Fortune 500 CEO roles, rather than going backwards? Wasn’t the gender pay gap supposed to have long ago closed — and, by the way, wasn’t our boss supposed to have given us that raise that we 100% deserve?

We can only control what we can control.

There are parts of our future that we do have direct control over. So I was surprised when I recently spoke to a group of women lawyers, one more impressive than the next: When the moderator asked how many of them were actively investing for their futures, only about 10% of hands went up. When I spoke to some of them during the day, a number said their partners do the investing for the household, or that they simply invest in the retirement plan at work and have it on auto-pilot.

No, no, no, no, no. Please no.

Real talk:

There’s more:

You’re hurting Grandma You — awesome, fun, still-badass Grandma You — by not doing this now. Right now. Instead, you’re pretty much prioritizing Today You over Grandma You by putting this off. Which Grandma You would not like.

And getting yourself financially prepared for retirement doesn’t have to be as hard — or as time-consuming — as you think it’s going to be.

Of course, I want you to do this with Ellevest. And, of course, we’re the only ones who built a Retirement on Your Terms goal with the recognition that you won’t be retiring “like a man”:

  • We take into account that we women live longer and our salaries peak sooner than men’s.
  • We target getting you to 90% of your pre-retirement income (vs 70% or 80% for others that we’ve seen … so that you can live bigger in retirement).
  • We don’t have an investing minimum for Ellevest Digital (because we want to be accessible to as many women as possible … and because of the gender pay gap).


We have a team of Rollover Queens (and they’re amazing) to make rolling over your 401(k) or transferring your IRA as easy as we can.

OK, you get the point.

But even if you don’t want to invest with us, shoot on over and put together a (free) financial plan to see how much you’ll need for retirement, whether you’re on track, and how much you should be putting aside for it.

We can’t control everything. We’re all on the roller coaster that is our lives these days. Yes, we’ll all definitely vote … and keep killing it at work. And we also can control our actions on this. And it can make all the difference for Grandma You.

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