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The Tipping Point: When Strategic Vision and Total Confidence Intersect

The Tipping Point: When Strategic Vision and Total Confidence Intersect

I have a friend who is a BFD in her industry. She’s a big shot, yet (unnecessarily) modest about it.

I’ve admired and watched her career progress over the last eighteen years. She started off as an intern for one of the most powerful men in her business and became his protégé before earning a spot as a leader in her own right.

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This was no simple feat. She’s one of a few women in her field, and has endured her share of difficult personalities, sexism, and egos.

In spite of the inherent challenges in her competitive industry, she’s always approached her career strategically, on her own terms, and a bit differently than everyone else in her field.

  • She doesn’t look or act like most of her peers.
  • She committed to a disciplined business model, brand, and approach from the beginning. She turned down clients who weren’t the right fit, even when that meant leaving money on the table.
  • She made her family a big focus when her colleagues spent most of their time on the road.
  • For nearly two decades, she kept a low profile, working hard behind the scenes to learn ALL facets of her business and cultivate strong, rich relationships.

This was all intentional. She spent time in the weeds and invested in her relationships early-on so she could gain deep expertise, respect, and credibility. Now, two decades later, her confidence is unshakeable.

She knows her stuff. She knows the right people. And everyone in the industry knows this. So she’s ready to make her next big move - disrupting her industry.

As she told me about her plans last week, I was impressed. Not only did she come up with a brilliant new business model, but she had no fear about embarking on this venture.

She had total confidence. Confidence that had been hard-earned after years of grinding, hustling, and patiently observing the ecosystem around her.

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My friend will tell you that she isn’t the smartest person in the room. She doesn’t seek attention. She’s not looking to get credit. She’s not a risk-taker. Nonetheless, she’s reached the tipping point where her strategic vision and the confidence she’s built over two decades have intersected to propel her to the next level.

Because of this, she is:

  • Creating a differentiated value proposition for her new venture.
  • Enjoying the first mover advantage for her innovative new business.

Her vision doesn't stop there though. She knows where she’s going even after this next venture succeeds. Like other disruptors, innovators, and creators, she’s used this process:

  • Step 1: Humbly learn your craft, identify mentors, and drive toward excellence.
  • Step 2: Build your personal brand by doing things in your own unique way and consistently deliver on your strengths.
  • Step 3: Identify market inefficiencies and gaps and innovate to disrupt the status quo.

This method takes vision, persistence, and serious confidence.

My friend’s path is not for everyone. But I’m sharing her story to inspire you to think differently - to think bigger and more strategically.

  • Where could you be innovating?
  • Where are the opportunities for you to add value?
  • Where can you excel by doing things YOUR way?
  • And who are you learning from?

My friend didn’t get here all alone. She had mentors, coaches, and a diverse support system. Who do you have to support you?

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Elena Lipson is the Principal and Founder of Mosaic Growth Partners, a consulting and coaching firm based in Washington, D.C. She has worked with hundreds of start-ups and individuals to help them launch new products, services, and careers. If you’re interested in learning how she can support you in taking your business or career to the next level, e-mail her to set up some time to chat.

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