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Advice for Squad Mods: Stephanie Lewis

Advice for Squad Mods: Stephanie Lewis

What does it take to be a great Squad Mod? Stephanie shares some tips and tricks from her Fall 2018 Squads experience.

Why did you join an Elllevate Squad?

I thought it was a terrific way to connect with others on the same journey and learn from their experience as well as share mine. My Squad for Fall 2018 was matched well and we had a lot in common. Everyone in the group participated, was supportive, and was generous with their thoughts and experience in a constructive way. If members couldn‘t make the meeting it is because they were ill or traveling and they let us know in advance; not once did someone just not show up, so everyone felt respected.

What are your top three takeaways from your Squads experience?

The composition of the group really matters. The backgrounds, experience, and temperament of the members in the squad I moderated really meshed well. 

More heads are better than one. There was so much value in what every member contributed, in knowledge, wisdom, and experience. 

Everyone, no matter their background or field, has something to offer.

What advice do you have for future Squad Mods?

Make sure everyone in the Squad feels comfortable participating and that their comments are valued. Encourage Squad members and let them know that what they have to say is value added to everyone in the group. It's also helpful to keep the participation and connections going in-between weekly meetings using the tools on the Ellevate platform. 

Also, make sure to keep track of the time. Since there are only 30 minutes it's important to let the person in the Hot Seat know how much time is left in the meeting and ask if they want to continue the present conversation or move on to their next item on their Hot Seat agenda.

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