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​How to Stay on Track to Design the Business You Love

​How to Stay on Track to Design the Business You Love

What will propel you to step out of your business comfort areas? You will need to be bold, strategic, and optimistic. As you create your business roadmap, here are three key concepts that can help you to lay the foundation for a transformative year defined by growth, achievement, and personal satisfaction.

Stop, from time to time, to consider your accomplishments.

We are often so driven and focused on our goals that we fail to consider how to go about achieving them. This is true in our business relationships, our leadership styles, and our communication. It is reflected in our attitudes and our tones when interacting with others, including personal touches and the passions we express. These all influence others to take the time to get to know us, to understand our visions, to collaborate with us, and to develop the willingness to go the distance with us.

At the end of each business quarter, reflect on the most significant accomplishments you have achieved in your business and remember how you achieved them. And, if they worked, consider using them again.

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Create milestones, large and small, and give yourself credit for all of them.

Your journey will not always be an easy one. As you develop your business roadmap for the New Year, create self-rewards along the way to help keep you motivated. Do whatever you need to stay motivated in the long-term. Write down your milestones. Be very specific and attach due dates to ensure you remain accountable to yourself in achieving them. This practice will keep you actively engaged in your own personal development.

Neurologically, such rewards trigger the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of motivation, happiness, and anticipation. Your rewards can be as large as a weekend trip, or as small as a manicure and pedicure. You can reward yourself weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

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Do not carry your old baggage into the New Year.

Dwelling on the past distracts you from engaging with the present. Try not to hang onto aspects of your past, such as negative feelings or your narrative of “how it has been.” Approach the New Year as tabula rasa, or a “blank slate.” This is an opportunity for you to redesign your narrative, change your mindset, and resolve to take new and different actions to achieve better results.

You must change your game based upon your experiences and results. Of course, that is easier said than done, but when you work at it, you will move the needle along. Remaining within your comfort zone is safe and easy, but will never serve you in the long-term.

As you forge ahead in your journey, remember that it will not always be easy, and that you will undoubtedly encounter rough spots along the way.

However, I dare you to laugh, endure, and get your grit on. Stay on-track and focused. You will persevere and design the business you love.

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Simone Sloan is the founder of Your Choice Coach, which applies expertise in business strategy, executive coaching, and emotional intelligence to help organizations align activities with strategy and become more human to realize results.

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