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How Ellevate Squads Will Benefit the Women at Your Firm

How Ellevate Squads Will Benefit the Women at Your Firm

At Ellevate, we’re dedicated to growing a community where members can learn both from experts and from peers. Many companies come to Ellevate wondering what they can do to provide leadership development opportunities to their female employees, and for good reason. The research shows that corporate America, although making significant strides in diversity and inclusion, loses some of its greatest talent because it doesn’t do enough to cultivate and retain the highest performers.

Connections among women (and especially those in middle management, poised for career growth) are the key to developing a culture that is welcoming to this diverse talent. Providing a safe place for your women employees to be seen and heard in some of their toughest career moments pays off in the long run. Because we’ve heard you, and we know you need a solution, we have developed Ellevate Squads where your emerging women leaders can lean on our community.

What Are Ellevate Squads?

Ellevate Squads are small, diverse groups of women that commit to supporting each other with achieving their goals. From making a career change, to starting a business, to landing a leadership role, the Squad program is designed to match your employees with other ambitious and driven professional women who are committed to supporting you and changing the status quo.

Ellevate Squads are a virtual, 12-week, leadership development program that Ellevate provides for the women employees at your firm. Each Squad consists of small, diverse groups of women, designed to give them the opportunity to get feedback, advice, and support as they navigate their careers. Providing your women employees with this opportunity will increase retention and reassure them that they are the leaders your company needs. We’re proud to say that over 80% of Ellevate Squads participants have left the program feeling more confident in their careers.

The Ellevate Squads Approach

Our goal is to create Squads that are diverse, but balanced. We aim to include women who are similarly driven and focused, but who may have different backgrounds, achievements, and goals. This diversity - a core part of what makes Ellevate Network special - creates an environment where participants can learn from the successes and failures of women across industries. The ability to see things from perspectives you're not usually exposed to is key to finding unique solutions and surfacing strategic opportunities.

We also strive to make sure each Ellevate Squad is a confidential space for participants to celebrate successes, breakdown roadblocks, and hold one another accountable. To create these safe zones, we only allow one employee per company to participate in an individual Squad. By doing so, each member can feel more comfortable expressing their challenges and sharing personal anecdotes with the rest of the group.

The Structure of Ellevate Squads

We hand-pick each Squad of women at similar stages of their professional career. We take into account their location, level of Ellevate membership, their daily schedule, and their goals. Each Squad meets for 12 meetings(30 minutes each week), always on the same day and at the same time. All Squad members will connect for the meeting virtually through our video conferencing tool, and they can connect via your smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Every Squad is also assigned a Squad Mod(erator), a leader who will coordinate the weekly meetings for the group. The 12-week curriculum features topical discussions alongside Hot Seats, which are important opportunities for each member to get dedicated feedback on her current situation.

What Our Ellevate Members Say

I was first up in the Hot Seat and we were all new to the process, but my Squad showed up and gave me great strategies. Sharing my problems doesn't come naturally for Squad has taught me that opening up can lead to supportive exchanges of information and can help me work through my concerns.”

Squads are a chance to stop and process where you are, where you want to be, and how to close that gap. I love that in Squads, we can talk about managing conflicts in professional settings as well as making improvements to home life.”

For more information on Squads, be sure to attend our Jam Session.


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Ellevate Network is a community of professional women committed to helping each other succeed. We use the power of community to help you take the next step in your career.

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