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Be Fearless: Featuring Jean Case and Sallie Krawcheck

Be Fearless: Featuring Jean Case and Sallie Krawcheck

It's time to ignite a more fearless approach to change-making—one that requires taking risks, being bold and failing forward... and it starts with YOU.” — The Case Foundation

Jean Case, the Chairman of the National Geographic Society and CEO of the Case Foundation, is a philanthropist, investor and internet and impact investing pioneer who advocates for the importance of embracing a more fearless approach to innovate and bring about transformational breakthroughs. Her career in the private sector spanned nearly two decades before co-founding the Case Foundation in 1997. Sallie Krawcheck is the CEO and Co-founder of Ellevest and Chair of Ellevate Network. She's led Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Citi Private as CEO, and was called“The Last Honest Analyst” by Fortune Magazine and one of Fast Company’s“Most Creative People in Business.” Her life’s mission is to help women to reach their financial and professional goals.

In this Ellevate Jam Session moderated by Sallie Krawcheck, Jean Case discussed her new book, Be Fearless: Five Principles For A Life of Breakthroughs And Purpose, and the following five principles that can help us cultivate fearlessness in our lives today.

1) Make a big bet (and make history)

The idea behind this principle is to not settle for incremental change, and to make sure that you have a really big idea. In this process, you may take incremental steps to make the big idea come to life, but make sure you start with something big.

2) Be bold, take risks

If you’re going to try something new, whether it be to innovate or make a difference in a new way, by it’s very nature it’s going to require risk-taking. It takes a certain amount of boldness to dig deep.

3) Make failure matter

We have failed in the footsteps of giants”

Most people who have found success in one realm or another have failed along the way. What separates successful people from others is the ability to dig deep, keep going, push past the failures, apply the lessons, and overcome these failures.

Unfortunately in our world today, women are socialized to believe that perfection matters. Often, boys are taught to be brave, while girls are taught to be“perfect”. However, it’s important to remember that some of the most successful people and their stories are in fact rooted in failures. Oprah Winfrey, for example, was told she just wasn’t right for television and was fired from her first job in show business. Before J.K Rowling found success in Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, she was rejected from over a dozen different publishers. Imagine if they had let this stop them in their tracks?

The truth is, you can’t find success without meeting failure along the way. But if you can remind yourself that anyone who has seen success has faced failure and kept going, hopefully you can do the same.

4) Reach beyond your bubble

Take stock and understand what talents and skills you have, but also keep in mind the bias, talent and perspective that you may have, and surround yourself with people who can help you to broaden your horizons and cover your blindspots(because we all have them). It’s common knowledge that everyone in your bubble already knows what you do. It’s important to branch out and develop a diverse network.

5) Let urgency conquer fear

Dr. Martin Luther King talked about“the fierce urgency of now”. This feeling of the“urgency of now” can be daunting, but sometimes, that’s the very moment where you’ll feel the motivation they need to push forward and do what’s difficult. It’s important to get out of your established comfort zone and make yourself become a little uncomfortable, because it’s a common truth that no great things can come from your comfort zones.

Interested in tuning in to the rest of the discussion? Listen to the full Ellevate Jam Session here!


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