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Grow Your Network in 2019 with Ellevate Squads

Grow Your Network in 2019 with Ellevate Squads

“Squads are a chance to stop and process where you are, where you want to be, and how to close that gap. I love that in Squads, we can talk about managing conflicts in professional settings as well as making improvements to home life.” - Sheena Abraham

If you’re looking for a close-knit group of women to help you reach a milestone in your career, Ellevate Squads can help you figure it out and move forward. Ellevate Network has run the Ellevate Squads program twice a year since Fall 2017 and this year, we are looking to bring the experience to even more members around the world.

In this Jam Session, we gave an overview of our twelve-week program, covering everything you need to get started, including expert tips on setting your goals for the program. We also shared highlights, advice, and lessons learned from Ellevate members that have participated in the program.

We’ve added a quick recap of our Ellevate Squads Jam Session below, however feel free to listen to the full Jam Session here! Also, if you’re interested in being a part of an Ellevate Squad, now’s the time to register for our spring Squads cycle! Learn more about joining your Squad here.

So, how does the Ellevate Squads program work?

Ellevate Squads consists of 12 weekly meetings(30 minutes each) with 9 members per Squad.

All meetings hosted via video conference - Zoom. You can connect from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Outside of meetings, it’s helpful to set aside 30 minutes for goal-setting, sharing advice, and finding your focus for the upcoming weekly meeting. During these meetings, there’s a variety of different topics you’ll have the opportunity to discuss with your Squad. Some of these include career confidence and inspiration, negotiating for a raise, preparing for a raise, leadership development and growing a small business. During the program, it’s important to be focused in on what you want to discuss. Do you have one or two specific things that you want to learn more about or improve on? Keep these in mind when coming into these discussions with your Squad. Also to help you get the most of your Squad meeting, you’ll receive a newsletter from us with tips and best practices to guide you in preparing for upcoming meetings.

Who is in your Ellevate Squad?

When we develop Squads, it’s important for us to consider connecting you with women that you may not have connected with otherwise. When you go to an in-person networking event, you may go into this event with a specific person you’d like to connect with in mind. However with our Squads program, we pick these women for you, and make sure we find a balance in each Squad that brings a lot of different perspectives to help bring the diversity that we know will help you find the guidance you’re looking for. You’ll be matched with women at similar inflection points in their careers , all participating at the same Ellevate membership level - Achiever, Innovator, or Executive Council. In your Squad, diverse industries and companies will be represented, and no two members of a Squad will be employed at the same company. Each Squad will also include one member will be selected to be the group leader (Squad Mod), who is responsible for coordinating and facilitating each discussion.

What actually happens in an Ellevate Squad meeting?

The curriculum for the program consists of a few different meetings, starting with a kickoff meeting. This is meant to be a basic introduction, where you have the opportunity to introduce yourself and learn about the other members in your Squad.

Next, there will be“Hot Topic” themed meetings, which will be group discussions on shared interests or challenges. These are topics you can choose within your Squad based on the interests of everyone participating. We have some topic ideas prepared, but feel free to choose your own topics as well and make this experience your own.

After this, there will be “ Hot Seats.” Each member in an Ellevate Squad will have a meeting designated just for them to discuss their career goals and challenges, while also having the opportunity to receive advice and perspective from others in their Squad. Each Hot Seat is important for you in this program(even if it’s not your own) because these provide an opportunity to hear inspiration and stories from other women that could help you in your own career goals. We know that Hot Seats may sound intimidating or scary, however it’s important to remember that often the things we are afraid of the most are the things we should go after. After all, stepping outside of our comfort zones is where we learn and grow the most.

Finally, at the end of the program, there will be a retrospective meeting, where each member of the Squad will have the opportunity to outline and share their next steps on achieving their goals. However, the conversation doesn’t need to stop there! While the program may be over, we always encourage you to keep in contact with the new connections you made within your Squad.

Want more information on our Ellevate Squads program? Our Squads Information Center has everything you’ll need!


Continue learning with this Ellevate Playbook:

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