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An Interview with Sallie Krawcheck and Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

An Interview with Sallie Krawcheck and Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

Sallie Krawcheck, Chair of  Ellevate Network and CEO and Co-founder of Ellevest, appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to discuss the gender wage gap, the gender investment gap and the problem we’re seeing with the lack of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Despite businesses talking about the gender wage gap more frequently than seen in the past and seeming to show improvements, Sallie reminds us of the truth. The gender pay gap isn’t going away any time soon. With decades away from it closing for white women, 100 years away from closing for black women and over 200 years away from closing for Latina women, we’re not making any progress. We’re going sideways at best, and in many cases backwards.

Tune in to the rest of this interview here!

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Lori Webb
Lori Webb

Fantastic, Sallie!

Tuesday, Apr 9 10:38 PM EDT