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Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

Are You Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur?

If there’s anything I’ve learned about the entrepreneurial journey these last seven years, it's that the journey to success is not a straight line. Prepare to feel disappointed at times, and expect to change strategies more than once.

As I look back at my own journey and those I have coached to success, I’ve seen that certain universal truths apply to each one of the women entrepreneurs in my circle – no matter what your business or how long you have been at it.

I’ve netted out the eleven most important truths to remember when you begin to doubt your purpose, feel discouraged about where you are, and feel the path ahead may be too steep to climb.

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1) This is a journey and there is no straight line to success.

Despite what you’ve read online or seen advertised in courses, there are no magic bullets. Expect it to feel hard at times.

2) You are here for a reason.

When times get tough, it’s your "why" that will keep you going.

3) Fear, resistance, procrastination, and perfection are your enemies.

The entrepreneur has the fire of determination. Expect to feel uncomfortable and take action anyway. Learn to love the crappy first draft; the magic is in the editing. Procrastination costs you money and loss of confidence.

4) You will need to sell something to someone.

If that makes you uncomfortable, either get over it, get someone else to do it, or get another job.

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5) Success in selling is about problem-solution fit.

You need to have a client who is experiencing pain they want to go away or has a hidden desire that is not being fulfilled. They don’t know how good it will feel until you show them (this is the birth of innovation).

6) Listen up.

Creating your solution requires that you actually listen more than you talk to your ideal customers. Get inside of their heads. Ask provocative questions. Understand what a solution looks like to them.

7) None of this happens overnight.

Expect to take six months to figure it out – and things will still change.

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8) It takes capital to get there.

You will need a means to support yourself through your launch process. Consult, work part-time, draw from your slush fund, or find a benefactor who believes in you.

9) You grow by doing.

Expect to change as you grow. With action comes confidence, and with confidence comes more action.

10) Not all ideas are good ideas.

Celebrate the concepts that don’t work, as well as the ones that do. You have saved yourself time, money, and self esteem by not pursuing an idea that wouldn’t have met your goals.

11) Master your inner game.

You don’t need another credential. You need to get paid for your value.


Deb Boulanger is the money-making mentor for new women entrepreneurs. As founder of The Launch Lab for Women Entrepreneurs, she coaches founders in how to create programs that sell – whether they are launching a business for the first time, re-launching a business that isn’t growing, or adding new offerings to their portfolio.

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