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Announcing Ellevate Network’s Building Inclusive Workplaces Program

Announcing Ellevate Network’s Building Inclusive Workplaces Program

Changing the culture of business from the inside out is a key part of Ellevate Network’s mission. We believe that we can make the world a more equal place, and we’re putting in the work to make it real. The research shows that having women in leadership yields positive business results, yet the business world struggles to incorporate diversity and inclusion as a key part of their everyday operations.

For years we’ve been forming key alliances with businesses committed to diversity and inclusion, but changing the world takes more than that. So today we’re being very specific about what needs to change now in order to make the world a more equal place, and we’re sharing it with the people who need this information most, the ones in position to impact the workplace directly— Managers and Advocates — so we can make the greatest impact together.

This is why we’ve come up with our Building Inclusive Workplaces Program, specifically designed to arm Managers and Advocates (leaders with high social and political capital positioned to facilitate change) with the tools they need to bring lasting, sustainable change to their workplaces. If your company has been wondering how to move the needle on diversity and inclusion, this is it.

This is what we’re going to do.

Ellevate Network will provide a series of events and aligned content (live webinars, content packages, and podcasts) through the Building Inclusive Workplaces program. The program will launch on April 24th, 2019 and culminates in a capstone event in NYC in November 2019. It includes:

  • Inclusive Manager Training - Managers have an extremely important role in creating the culture of companies. After all, people don't leave jobs, they leave managers. If you can't relate to your supervisor, if you can't be your authentic self, will you be able to perform at your best(and move up)? Through our work with leading companies, we’ve learned that building a leadership pipeline of managers who prioritize inclusivity is the key to organizational change. This series is designed to help your company develop managers who value diversity and inclusion, and make it a part of the fabric of your culture — so it’s there for good.
  • Leading with Empathy Series - People who really make organizational change happen are those who can effectively think outside of their own experience. The only way to create an environment where people like this succeed is to be very explicit about how privilege affects the world and our workplaces, and embrace diversity through action. This event series focuses on providing the LGBTQIA community, women, and people of color a safe space to share their stories, discuss challenges and for us to redefine management to increase the importance of empathy in leadership — setting the framework for a supportive work environment that lasts. We’re choosing to target Advocates with this series — leaders with high social and political capital who are well positioned to influence the environment in which they live and work. This series is set up to feature other populations of people that are too often negatively affected by bias at work in future iterations(e.g., people with disabilities, those from historically underserved populations, people affected by ageism and other implicit bias, and more).
  • Inclusive Managers Lead with Empathy Capstone - Building a culture of inclusivity requires strong leaders who can put themselves in others' shoes and who understand that being an advocate is not an option-- it's the only way we'll achieve true equality. In this capstone event, we’ll marry our Inclusive Managers Training with our Leading with Empathy Series to assess the impact of our programming so far and convene to celebrate the success stories that come from the real world application of our ideas and best practices.

This is how we’re going to do it.

The calendar of upcoming Building Inclusive Workplaces events is below:

Inclusive Manager Training

  • Inclusive Manager Training Kick-Off - April 24th (includes live stream)
  • Inclusive Managers Workshop - May
  • Conversations with Inclusive Managers - July (includes live stream)
    • We'll sit down with some leaders who have made it a priority to build inclusivity into their organizations and learn what’s working and where we need to figure out new creative solutions that don’t yet exist.
  • Managing Up: Reverse Mentoring - August
    • We're turning the tables. Join us for a reverse mentoring Mentoring Meeting in which you as a manager can hear first hand from those looking to change the culture of business. What are effective ways of managing cross-generational workforces? What do people really value in a leader? Join us and have all your questions answered.

Leading with Empathy Series

  • Leading with Empathy Series Kick-Off - April 15th (includes live stream)
  • Mentoring Meetup - May
  • Supporting the LGBTQIA Community - June (includes live stream)
    • Happy Pride! Celebrate Pride Month with us and talk about how we can support and be better advocates for the LGBTQIA community. This event is aimed at cultivating advocates, so every person, especially those who possess privilege and power and want to know how to make a change — should attend.
  • Advancing Women of Color - September(includes live stream)
    • September is National Hispanic Heritage Month. We’ll hear from Hispanic and Latinx leaders in business and share the best ways to support and advance women of color in the workplace.

Inclusive Managers Lead with Empathy Capstone Event - November

  • Our two feature event series come together to create the biggest impact — after all, equality can only happen if we work together as a community. This is where we’ll reflect on the Building Inclusive Workplaces Series and celebrate the program’s successes — while addressing what still has yet to be done to move equality forward.

This is how you can join us.

Sign up for the Ellevate Network newsletter so you receive Building Inclusive Workplaces program invitations and don’t miss out on what’s coming up in your area.

If your company is interested in joining our movement to make the world a more equal place, don’t wait. At Ellevate, we’re using the power of community to make equality real — and we need you.


Continue learning with this Ellevate Playbook:

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Donna M Sabb

Gloria Vanderbilt once said: "One woman's success is another woman's success". Let us use our personal achievements to help one another be better women, leaders, co-workers and friends. We can give voice to those who haven't yet, or cannot, find their own. Let us make tomorrow better for all women. ELLEVATE has opened my eyes to so much opportunity. I look forward to the Leadership Kick Off and helping to effect change in my community

March 19, 2019